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Tom Kovach lives near Nashville, is a former USAF Blue Beret, and has written for several online publications. In December of 2006, he published his first book, Slingshot. Tom's second book, Tribulation: 2008, was released in August of 2008.

Tom is also
an inventor, a horse wrangler, a certified paralegal, and a former network talk-show host. (He would like to lauch another talk show -- perhaps on your station.)

One highlight of Tom's career in the Air Force was serving on a protection detail for US President Ronald Reagan. Tom has also run for Congress (and might run again).

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Monday, 05 January 2009, at 0409 hours
Central Time -- Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Help keep me out of jail

This blog entry is short and simple.

Please help me to stay out of jail.

This is being typed at 0300 (that's 3am, for civilians) on Monday, 05 January 2009.  I've already been awake for almost two hours, and didn't sleep much before that.  At 0900 this morning, I must be in court.  The topic is a follow-up hearing, after the dismissal last year of my lawsuit against Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen.  The topic is the so-called Bredesen Bunker.

For those that don't know, the Bredesen Bunker is a planned $19-million underground party hall at the Governor's Mansion in Nashville.  Out of eleven million citizens in the State of Tennessee, I'm the only one that tried to take the governor into court to block that wasteful and arrogant project from getting started.  The state sent a senior attorney from the Attorney General's Office to face me in court.

The suit was dismissed on a technicality.  There is a law on the books in Tennessee that says a plaintiff can only sue the state in Davidson County (the county that surrounds Nashville, the state capital).  That law is unconstitutional, and I made that argument in court.  (I live in neighboring Wilson County, and had filed the action in my home venue.)  I also cited several cases, which had survived appeal, in which plaintiffs in other parts of the state had sued the state in their various home counties.  The judge dismissed my case anyway, and also decided that the first lady is "an official of the state, and therefore cannot be sued".  (The first lady, who is the driving force behind the Bredesen Bunker, was a co-defendant in my lawsuit.)

Now, the court wants me to pay court costs.

Imagine that:  being required by a court to pay money to come into court to defend the Constitution by airing a "redress of grievances" to stop an arrogant move to waste taxpayers' money.  Imagine that nobody else in the entire state filed a similar lawsuit.  (There are about a half-million citizens living in Davidson County alone.  Why didn't one of them simply copy my papers -- which I had posted on the Internet for that reason -- and then sue the state in that county?)  Imagine that only one person (yep, me) drove in circles for four hours around the State Capitol, honking a car horn to protest the Bredesen Bunker.

2001 -- Tennessee Tax Revolt

In 2001, thousands surrounded the State Capitol and honked their car horns for several weeks.

Well, guess what?  I'm not gonna pay!

Never mind the fact that I can't afford it.  Never mind the fact that the wealthy neighbors that live near the Governor's Mansion spoke on talk radio about raising $30,000 to fight the Bunker, but then only spent it on a flimsy Web site and some glossy brochures.  And, despite my several written requests, multi-millionaire car dealer Lee Beaman (the guy that put up most of the $30,000) has not sent me one penny.  His phone number is in the Nashville phone book, along with the numbers to his several dealerships.  (or, click the above link)  Feel free to call him, and remind him that the Bible says "the workman is due his wages".  The legal work that I did would've cost a paying client thousands of dollars.  (Even Judge Smith said in court that not even most lawyers know about the law that caused my case to get dismissed.)  Never mind the fact that I injured my back at a job in early September, and have not found another job since.  I'm not gonna pay today.

So, you're wondering, "What can be done to help Tom Kovach?"

The answer is simple.  You see, I don't like asking people for money.  (If I were any good at that, then I'd already be the Congressman for this area, and then I wouldn't need to write this to ask for money.)  I prefer to actually earn my money.  So....

Please purchase, for only one dollar, a copy of my spoof song, "The Battle of Bredesen's Bunker".  And, please send that link to all of your friends, and ask them to also buy a copy.  That way, I'm not asking to "mooch" even a dollar from anyone in these difficult times.  (Admittedly, I don't sing well.  But, then again, I'm not selling it for ten dollars.)

The song is done to the music of the Charlie Daniels hit song "Simple Man".  And, I sent a copy of it over to him.  I didn't get to talk with Charlie directly, but his manager told me that they played it on the tour bus, and Charlie liked it.  That was good enough for me.

Hopefully, I can make a good argument in court today, and convince the judge to waive the court costs.  But, if not, I have no money to pay them.  Theoretically, he could send me to jail for contempt for not paying.  Then, in order to get out, I would need to "remedy the contempt" (legalese for pay the costs).  If the judge does send me to jail, then selling that spoof song will be my primary means of earning money to get out of jail.

Thank you, in advance, for your support.

(I have some topics planned for this blog for the next few days.  If you don't see them posted, then that means I'm in jail.)

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Monday, 01 December 2008, at 0104 hours
Central Time -- Nashville, Tennessee, USA

December 1st is CIVIL AIR PATROL Day

Six days before the Japanese Empire conducted the surprise attack upon the American military bases around Pearl Harbor, civilian and military leaders culminated three years of pioneering discussions by creating the Civil Air Patrol.


Sadly, that is the reaction of most Americans.  During the post-Vietnam days, many young Americans learned to look down upon military service.  (Sadly, many of them were taught that outlook by their parents — many of whom were alive to raise families because they had dodged the draft a few years earlier.)  And, if people looked down upon professional military service, imagine how much more the "Me" Generation looked down upon unpaid, volunteer, para-military service.  Yet, even during the darkest days of the Jimmy Carter administration, teenage Americans became CAP cadets.

Those that joined the Civil Air Patrol during those anti-military years of the late 1970s became part of a rich history of patriotism and service.  In the mid-1930s, during the early days of the aviation industry, forward-thinking leaders of government, business, and industry conceived of a way that civic-minded aviators could serve their country and advance aviation safety.  The concept took the best aspects of the Army (remember, at that time there was no separate Air Force) and volunteer organizations such as the Boy Scouts, and put those aspects together in an aviation framework.  Although the Civil Air Patrol is the volunteer civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force, the CAP is actually older than the Air Force that it serves.  (The CAP was founded in December of 1941.  The USAF, evolved from the Army Air Corps, became a separate Armed Service in September of 1947.)

From the very beginning, the primary mission of Civil Air Patrol has been air search leading to ground rescue.  But, even as that important mission was being organized, our country was suddenly plunged into World War Two by the attack upon Pearl Harbor.  So, simultaneous with all the other war-related activities in America at that time (Victory Gardens, food rationing, gasoline rationing, young men leaving family farms to join the military, women going into factory work to replace the men that went to war, etc.), the volunteers of the Civil Air Patrol managed to create the first nationwide search-and-rescue network and create war-specific missions such as the Coastal Patrol.  And, keep in mind that these volunteers did this with their own money — buying their own uniforms, their own field gear, and — yes — even their own airplanes.

During World War Two, the Coastal Patrol missions of the Civil Air Patrol spotted 143 Nazi submarines off the United States coastline.  The CAP Coastal Patrol observers were credited with "assists" in the Navy's sinking of dozens of those enemy submarines.  Eventually, these volunteer, civilian pilots (nicknamed the "Flying Minutemen") were allowed to carry bombs aboard their aircraft.  Aircrews of the CAP Coastal Patrol actually sank two Nazi submarines without assistance!  They also used their bombs to damage other submarines that were later destroyed by the US Navy.

Other wartime missions of the Civil Air Patrol included courier flights of documents, material, and medicine.  The CAP also provided aerial towing of gunnery targets.  (Keep in mind that the artillery crews on the ground were students!)  And, during that time, the CAP also grew and improved their search-and-rescue (SAR) capabilities.  Those capabilities included developing the CAP Ranger Teams that conducted the ground rescues of lost people spotted by the aircrews.  Information gathered from various CAP SAR activities nationwide was consolidated into the development of the Hawk Mountain Ranger School.  (In the past, I've received angry e-mails from some former members of USAF Pararescue, who have tried to belittle the pioneering role of the CAP Rangers.  I've replied to several former PJs by telling them to research their own history, and write me back if they could prove me wrong.  Not one has ever written back.)  The original CAP SAR teams were developed in the early 1940s — building upon techniques by pioneering aviators before CAP was officially founded.  The Air Rescue Service, the parent organization of modern Pararescue, was founded in 1946  (although they trace their roots to a 1943 mission on the China-Burma border).

Both organizations serve vital functions, and many PJs were CAP Ranger cadets before they joined the Air Force.  The Air Force also conducts Pararescue Jumpers Orientation Course (PJOC) for selected CAP cadets.  (Keep in mind that the active-duty PJ instructors get paid to be there, but the CAP cadet students in this PJOC video pay to be there, and buy their own uniforms and basic gear.  One of my goals if ever elected to Congress is to provide funding for CAP members' uniforms and equipment, as the Canadians do for their Air Cadets.)  Just as the Hawk Mountain Ranger School was created to standardarze SAR procedures within CAP, the PJOC helps recruit and motivate those cadets that can become qualified as instructors at their various Wing-level schools in their home states.  The PJOC is one of the most sought-after cadet activities, and the selection process is designed to ensure the continued high quality of the course.  The Air Force also sees the value of the PJOC as a recruiting tool for the next generation of Pararescuemen.  Both organizations work together Stateside; only Pararescue operates overseas or in combat.  Because of the expense of operating Pararescue helicopters, CAP light aircraft are often used to fly grid searches.  The CAP aircrews will then radio their findings to mission headquarters, which might dispatch a Pararescue helicopter crew to the area.  Pararescuemen are trained to a much higher degree than CAP Rangers, but the CAP has also saved thousands of lives throughout its history.

The Vietnam War was "drawing down" in June of 1974, when I became a cadet.  My best friend in high school recruited me.  He was the "cadet commander" of the local CAP cadet squadron.  (Cadet squadrons have a two-tiered command structure.  Adult officers supervise all operations, but cadets have their own internal rank structure.  Both follow the Air Force model.)  In August of that year, my friend was also the cadet commander of the NY Wing Ranger School, which was located at a remote site known as Thunderbird Land-Rescue Training Center.  The "T-Bird" school followed the Hawk Mountain model, and used the Pennsylvania Wing Ranger Manual for curricula.  Hundreds of cadets passed through T-Bird in the 20-year history of that school.  Subjects included physical conditioning, obstacles, land navigation, survival, field sanitation, basic and advanced first-aid, various forms of communication (hand signals, radio, signal panels, mirrors, etc.), marksmanship, basic climbing, basic rappelling, etc.  Training was provided by people with SAR experience, and culminated in three-day "survival hikes" with minimal food or gear.  The survival hikes included timed cross-country navigation objectives, coupled with realistic SAR exercise scenarios.  The PJOC was developed after the Thunderbird School was shut down, due to NYC-area parental complaints that the school was "too tough" on their children.  (I was a staff instructor at the time, and heard some of those complaints -- from parents who claimed that they were only "sending their boy to camp".  But, those parents had signed about a half-dozen forms that stated the intense nature of the school, which had a fifty-percent washout rate every year of its existence.)

The CAP cadet program has been the foundation for many successful military careers, and successes in civilian life.  During the 20-year history of the T-Bird school, only six cadets ever earned the rating of Expert Ranger.  The first was Dick Cole, who went on to become a civilian Emergency Medical Technician.  The second was Don Carter, who became a CAP cadet squadron commander, an instructor at the T-Bird school, and an IBM engineer.  The third was Ted LaPlante, who went on to become a B-52 wing commander and later a senior staff member at The Pentagon.  (He was once part of a Time magazine cover story.)  The fourth was Charlie Hayes, who went on to become a reactor officer on a nuclear submarine, and later an instructor at a nuclear power plant.  The fifth was Dick Van Patten, who went on to become a C-130 navigator.  I was number six.

I spent 17 years in Civil Air Patrol, and 16-plus years in an Air Force uniform.  At my first "permanent" Air Force base, three former cadets met and we founded a CAP cadet squadron.  From that base, I also went "permissive TDY" back to T-Bird as an instructor.  Later, I became a deputy commander of my original cadet squadron.  At my last base, I became commander of a cadet squadron that was in the group commanded by my old high-school friend Charlie Hayes.  One of my cadets from that squadron went on to become a medic during Operation Desert Storm.

During my Air Force career, I tried to join Pararescue, but did not make the grade.  (Their school is nicknamed "Superman University" for good reason!)  I was able to do most of the things that they do -- including freefalls from ten thousand feet, sometimes on chopper loads that included PJs -- but I could not handle extreme Nap-of-the-Earth flights without vomiting from somewhere deep within my boots.  Watch a passenger go weightless inside a helicopter, not far from the ground, halfway through this NOE flight video.  At one point, the helicopter also does a complete barrel roll.  That is the sort of gut-wrenching flying that gets PJs into, and out of, battlefield hot spots.  They really are "a breed apart".

The Civil Air Patrol has a rich history of volunteerism and patriotism.  The CAP still provides important functions.  Those include air transport of human blood and organs, radiological monitoring (this was critical in the response to the Three-Mile Island nuclear incident), earthquake damage assessment, and the ever-present SAR missions that made CAP famous.

Speaking of famous, one of the many famous former CAP cadets is Nashville music superstar Aaron Tippin, whom I've interviewed a couple of times.  He was a commercial charter pilot before he was discovered as a musical talent.  He told me that his strong voice comes from singing over the sound of the tractor engine while working on his father's farm as a teenager.  (Aaron's father retired from the Air Force as a colonel.)

Tom Kovach in studio with Aaron Tippin

Sadly, the lamestream news media has chosen to focus annual attention on another anniversary that has been allowed to overshadow CAP Day.  Modern civilians are only told that the 1st of December is "World AIDS Day".  In the past 20 years since the inception of a day to commemorate political lobbying in favor of a disease, less and less news coverage has been given to Civil Air Patrol Day.  As a result, many Americans — especially high school students — do not even know that the CAP exists.  Civil Air Patrol Day was a legally-recognized anniversary in America for 42 years before "World AIDS Day" was even conceived.  So, the next time someone gets in your face about AIDS activism, simply remind them that the 1st of December has been, and will remain, Civil Air Patrol Day.

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Sunday, 30 November 2008, at 0021 hours
Central Time -- Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Dollar General pulls 666 shirts from shelves

"Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching."  (2nd Timothy 4:2, emphasis added)

We don't always know when we'll be tested.  Sometimes, it comes as a complete surprise.

My wife and I were out shopping on Saturday.  It was a pleasant, relaxed time for us to just be together.  We had gone out for a leisurely breakfast.  Then, we took the scenic route back to our town from the next town up the road.  Then, we went into the local Dollar General store for a few "domestic" items.

Then, the test came.

While in the store, I looked through a rack of long-sleeve T-shirts.  I turned my head, and there "it" was.  "It" was a black T-shirt with a big skull emblem.  Below the skull was some Greek writing.  Below the Greek writing, in mirror writing, was "666" in fancy script.  And, next to the black shirt was a green shirt with a skull, two crossed guitars (mocking the crossed-rifles emblem of the Infantry branch of the US Army), and "DCLXVI" in Roman numerals.

For those victims of modern public education that never learned to read Roman numerals, that equals "six hundred sixty six".  For those that do not know, the number "666" is the "Mark of the Beast" written about in the Book of Revelation.  That book is the last book of the Holy Bible.  It contains the prophecies about the End Times -- the final years of mankind on Earth.  The final seven years are called The Tribulation, which culminates in the Battle of Armageddon.  (I believe that The Tribulation actually began two months ago.  For a detailed explanation, please read my book, Tribulation:  2008.)

T-shirt with 666 in Roman numerals

T-shirt on sale at Dollar General store

(depicting "666" in Roman numerals)

photo by:  Tom Kovach

The above photo is of the second T-shirt.  The photo was taken with my cell phone.  I did not take a photo of the shirt with the Greek writing, but wish that I had.  It has been about 25 years since I've read anything in Greek.  (And, even then, it was only a few words and phrases of "Church Greek", which I learned from the Liturgy book while attending a Greek Orthodox parish.)  But, in my limited recollection, I think that the shirt said "Satan".

My wife has gotten accustomed to my activism.  And, although she supports it in principle, she does sometimes find it "inconvenient".  (I agree.  But, I find losing the foundations of our country and our culture to be a lot more inconvenient.  So, I fight on.)  Anyway, when I showed the shirts to my wife, and explained the meaning,  I told her that I was going to talk with the store manager.  Instead of asking, "Do you have to do that now?", she resolutely said, "Please do."

I felt sorry for the manager.  She was caught totally off guard.  I was not rude, nor loud, nor did I speak aggressively.  I simply pointed out the facts.  She was stunned, and she thanked me for pointing it out to her.  She then got a clerk, and they both went over and pulled every one of those offensive T-shirts off the rack and put them in a back room.

My wife and I resumed our shopping.  She told me that she was proud of me, and thanked me for standing up for what's right.  I thanked her for being so sweet and supportive.  Then, the manager came to us in a shopping aisle.  I was caught off-guard this time; but, in a good way.

The local store manager told us that she had called the district manager.  He, in turn, thanked the store manager for taking action.  He then told her that he would be calling every Dollar General store in his Middle Tennessee district, and directing them to pull those shirts from their shelves.  My wife and I were pleasantly stunned.

Having spent 16-plus years in a military uniform, and being a member of the group Rolling Thunder, I'm accustomed to a certain level of gruffness at times.  I personally do not have any skulls or other "culture of death" symbols on my vests, even though "back in the day" I was capable of making a head-shot from 650 meters without a scope.  (It was a paper target, on an open range at Eglin AFB.)  The point is that I've been around skulls and other scary emblems for a long time.  That is a sad by-product of the military defense of country and culture.  Nonetheless, I do not endorse such symbolism on the wide-scale societal level that we have seen grow for the past two decades.  And, because of that creeping (and creepy) growth into our society, selling the "bad boy image" has become commonplace in our culture.

Hopefully, the above explains why such symbolism got past the buyers at Dollar General's corporate headquarters.  Given that the HQ is located just north of Nashville, which is often regarded as "the buckle of the Bible Belt", I'm inclined to think that their buyer simply ordered an assorted load of T-shirts, without necessarily knowing what graphics would be on the shirts.  (But, if that's true, then Dollar General needs to train their buyers to be a bit more thorough.)

Regardless of how the T-shirts got onto the rack in the first place, the good news is that Dollar General managers at two levels took the initiative to correct the problem once it was brought to their attention.  For that, I want to give them credit.  They also passed their test.  (God's test for me was to see if I would point out the problem.  God's test for them was to see how they would handle the problem.  Read the third chapter of Ezekiel.)

"Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you."  (James 4:7)

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Friday, 14 November 2008, at 1254 hours
Central Time -- Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Conservatives should beware of political "Relief Valves"

Here is an example of media bias against conservatives.  But, the bias comes from a source that many conservatives overlook.  That would be a person that advertises himself as a conservative talk-radio host.  Yet, that person also tries to convince his listeners to ignore truly conservative choices.  For example, he told listeners to vote for phony conservative John McCain.  That would be like a fitness trainer telling his students to eat a "healthy" brand of doughnuts.

I refer to such Republican shills as "relief valves".

In the wake of the presidential election last week, many callers to various talk shows expressed their worry that we are indeed entering a political disaster "of Biblical proportions".  Given that I recently released a book that details that very thought, and which predicted (months in advance) that Obama would be elected (and that a comet would pass near Earth shortly after this year's Feast of Trumpets), it seemed like a good idea to call in to one of the local talk shows and mention my book.  This is especially true considering that the host has been supportive of some of my activism in the past, and that we have been on friendly terms for the most part.  That is, until I began steering people away from the Republican Party.

Yet, even I didn't expect what happened, or how it happened.

A little background is needed.  Whenever I call in to the Michael DelGiorno show, it is routine for me to be put on hold for anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours.  Yet, once on the air, my call-ins have mostly been positive exchanges.  (There was one very notable exception, a few months ago, when I expressed my desire for "equal time" to discuss the new America's Independent Party.  The host routinely interviews the chairmen of the state's Republican and Democratic Parties.  As the state AIP chairman, I asked for equal time.  DelGiorno was very rude to me that day, interrupting me more often that usual, and even trying to shout me down ("Don't push a pusher, 'cause I can push back!").  People even asked me later about his level of rudeness.  I wrote it off to the fact that he was taking strong cold medicine, and had made several out-of-character remarks on-air that day.)  As the months went on since his arrival in Nashville, though, DelGiorno began playing little electronic tricks on me.  While I would chat with him on-air, there would be very loud music playing in my telephone earpiece.  The music was distracting to me, but the radio listeners could not hear it.  Thus, it made me seem stupid.  Another trick was to do the inverse.  He would ring a little bell at certain points in our conversations.  I could not hear the bell through the phone, and my radio was turned down, but listeners could hear it.  (A friend told me about it, so I began wearing a headphone radio while talking on the phone.  I then chided Michael on-air for "ringing that tacky little bell".  Until the day that I called him on it, I was the only caller that he treated that way.  After I pointed it out, he gave a few other callers "equal time" with it.)  The bell gave an implication that, "This caller is a putz."  Despite all of that, I have been able to get a lot of good information out to the Nashville-area listening audience.  Examples include my lawsuit against TN Gov. Phil Bredesen, my creation of a group to stop student-upon-staff school violence, my research into the meaning of Obama's last name, and the significance of Obama's phony draft registration.  (All of those examples were "exclusives".)

But, then...

Last week, on the morning of Thursday, 06 November 2008, I was listening to the show.  So many callers brought up the topic of Obama potentially being The Antichrist, etc., that DelGiorno dropped all other topics and discussed that one.  (Most listeners admire him for discussing Christian topics on-air; but, there must be enough negative e-mail that station management gets after him about it.  So, some days it's OK to discuss the Bible, and other days it is not.  I strongly support discussing Bible topics.  My first talk-radio program was called "PR-Squared", because the main topics were "politics and religion".)  By the time I got on the air (after being on hold for a relatively short half-hour that time), it was almost time for the noon newsbreak.  (DelGiorno routinely bumps my calls to the end of the line, so that I won't have time to fully explain important details before an "automatic break" cuts me off.  It's one way to make sure that no caller sounds smarter than the host.)  On this occasion, however, he told me to call back at 1220, after Paul Harvey News, and we would discuss the book in more detail.

I did call back, on time, as instructed.  But...

During the extended newsbreak, host Michael DelGiorno had accomplished one of his stated goals since moving to Nashville in April of 2007.  He met music star Faith Hill, who was in the Cumulus Radio building for some other event.  (The facility is otherwise nicknamed "The Valentine Building")  In his typical boyish style, DelGiorno routinely goes ga-ga over Faith Hill on-air, and that day was the epitome.  But, to assuage his guilt for lusting after Faith Hill, he had to come up with something negative to say about her, so that he would not need to spend the night in the family doghouse.  So, he spent most of the next half-hour talking about how Faith Hill was wearing some perfume that smelled like the scented toilet paper often found in public restrooms.  I am not kidding!

Of course, during that time, I was still waiting to discuss Bible prophecy.

When I finally did get back on the air, he only gave me a few seconds to mention the topic of the book.  There was no mention of my last name, nor the title of the book, nor my Web site address, nor any other way to find the book; nothing.  After less than thirty seconds, he went to another caller.  The caller after that one got the "final say" for that day.  He opined that at least DelGiorno had not said that Faith Hill smelled like used toilet paper.  (Again, I am not kidding.  DelGiorno might need to worry about a libel lawsuit from Faith Hill, but I think that maybe he should worry even more about a couple of fists from her husband, music star and movie actor Tim McGraw.  After all, that caller must've told the call screener what he wanted to say, unless DelGiorno doesn't have control of his program.)

After the program, I e-mailed Michael and said that he should not waste my time jerking me around as he did.  If he wants me to discuss the book on his program (and, he said so on-air), then he should schedule me for a real segment, during which I could field questions from callers, just as he would for any other author.  Instead of responding on-topic, DelGiorno went into a diatribe in which he mocked my current lack of a job, mocked my vocal quality, and claimed that my calls are "divisive and distracting" (after telling listeners just a few days prior that I'm "skilled enough" to get my point across quickly and effectively before a newsbreak).  The bottom line of our several e-mails back and forth is that DelGiorno banned me as a caller or guest on his program.

In this tacky situation, there's a lesson for conservatives.

Beware of anyone — journalist, politician, party leader, or talk-radio host — that talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk.  That person is likely a Republican "relief valve".  The mission of a Relief Valve is to give true conservatives a means for venting their righteous anger, but without doing anything that would cause actual change in the overall situation.  So, for example, if a talk-radio host tells you that his program is popular with little children, and then three minutes later says, "I would give my left testicle to debate Barack Obama," then that person is likely a mere double-minded Relief Valve.  If a talk-radio host frequently tells listeners about how stable his marriage is (including details that most people would think are quite private), and then almost as frequently tells listeners about his lusts for a married celebrity, then that person is likely a Relief Valve (or, just plain insane).  If a person tells you that he really supports the views of Alan Keyes, but then repeatedly says "Keyes doesn't stand a chance", and tells listeners to vote for a RINO such as John McCain, then that person is likely a Relief Valve.  If a talk-radio host frequently touts his Christian faith, and frequently encourages listeners to "be aware of the times in which we live", but then actively prevents listeners from knowing anything about a book that says we are currently living in The Tribulation (with many facts to support that view), then that host is likely a Relief Valve.    If a talk-show host says that he would do any job to support his family, but has never done any job but radio, then that person is likely a Relief Valve.  (Especially if that host also makes fun of someone that actually has done a variety of unpleasant jobs to pay the bills, and simultaneously has done conservative activism without pay for many years.)

I could go on, but you get the idea.

Conservatives can do better than to put all their trust into some mere Relief Valve.  It's one thing to make those calls to talk-radio programs (and, those calls are important), but it's more necessary to back up those calls with real action.  An example of "real action" would be for conservatives (especially in Tennessee) to switch to America's Independent Party, instead of remaining stuck with either of the Big Two political parties that collude to diminish America's sovereignty and give illegal aliens a free ride on the backs of American workers.  Real action would be supporting a candidate that knows how to deliver fundamental changes, and has a track record to prove it, instead of supporting the choice of wealthy party insiders.  Real action would be filing lawsuits against elected officials that trample citizens, promote tyranny, and violate the Constitution.  But, sadly, all that most people do is call and vent their emotions to a handy Relief Valve.  And, that is all that the Big Two parties want you to do!

By the way, if a talk-show host tells listeners that he is a "trained professional", but then says on-air that Faith Hill smells like toilet paper, that host is simply proving his lack of professionalism.  In that particular case, it is the listeners that need relief.  When the local station dropped the G. Gordon Liddy show in favor of this guy, I worried that this day might come.  (In his tacky series of e-mails, which showed some disconnect from reality, DelGiorno mocked my talk-radio skills.  But, my last talk-radio program started on 19 stations, and quickly went to 51 stations nationwide.  How many stations has a DelGiorno program ever been on at one time?)

If you agree that Tom Kovach would make a much better talk-show host than Michael DelGiorno, then contact the new Program Director of WWTN-FM in Nashville at (615) 321-1067 and tell him so.  (If you prefer e-mail, his address is:  Charley.Connolly@cumulus.com.)  You can also tell him that, for the first three months, I'll work for half of what they're currently paying DelGiorno.  (I'd even consider hosting a mere one-hour "Nashville Nooner", if WWTN would bring back Gordon Liddy.)  That would be plenty of time for me to prove that I deserve a raise and a contract renewal.  It would also be plenty of time to show listeners how Nashville talk radio should sound.

Regardless of whether I get another talk-radio program, the big lesson here is that true conservatives — nationwide — need to focus their energies on making real changes, and should not dissipate that energy via some shill called a Relief Valve.

Spread the word, while you are still free.
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Monday, 13 October 2008, at 1305 hours
Central Time -- Nashville, Tennessee, USA

The times of the signs

At first glance, the title of this column might seem to be a mistake.  It is not.

(NOTE:  This column is a bit long, even by Kovach standards.  And, it gets a bit scary toward the end, even by Kovach standards.)

Having spent six months writing a book on Bible prophecy, and having hinged much of what I wrote upon this year's Feast of Trumpets, it might seem that I would be justifiably  disappointed that "nothing happened" during the two-day feast that began when the New Moon rose on the evening of the 29th of September.  Since mid-June of this year, I've been saying that a significant earthquake is likely in the area of Northern California that I have dubbed the Quake Crescent.  At the center of that area is a large idol of an owl at a place called the Bohemian Grove.  The owl is one of the representations of Lillith, a demon that has been described in the literature of several Middle Eastern cultures for most of recorded history.  (Another representation is a nude, long-haired woman — very much like the one on the Starbuck's Coffee logo.  Coincidence?  I think not.)  The earthquake that shook the Sacramento area on 05 August was, in my opinion, only the foreshock of the quake that I believe will topple the idol of the owl.  The owl idol itself. the Bohemian Grove itself, this summer's California Supreme Court decision, and the Starbuck's Coffee company are all associated with the promotion of homosexuality.  I believe that is the reason that God will punish Northern California with an earthquake that damages both the idol and the capital of Sacramento.  But, that quake did not occur on the 29th of September.

So, is all of my research worthless?  Au, contraire

Terra-cotta image of demon Lilitu 
Kiskil-lilla: depicted in a Mesopotamian terra-cotta known as the Burney Relief.
Believed by some scholars to be same as Lillith.
Note resemblance to Starbuck's logo, including the similar-shaped adornments on the heads of the two women.  Also note her bird-like feet, and the owls on either side of her.
(image source:  Wikipedia)

Those months of research proved to me (as if I didn't already know) that the Holy Bible is a document filled with precision.  The language is precise.  The numbers are precise.  The mathematical formulas are precise.  The mentions and descriptions of other "gods" and demons are precise.  (Starbuck's claims that its logo represents a Siren — a mythical Greek temptress that lured sailors into crushing rock formations.  Lillith is sometimes described as "the maiden who screeches constantly".  Coincidence?  Again, I think not.)  Sometimes we do not have enough understanding and insight to appreciate the precision.  And, sometimes that insight is withheld from us until God's timing has been fulfilled.

Let's talk about God's timing.

Much of my recent book, Tribulation:  2008, hinged upon the formula given in 2nd Peter 3:8, "But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day."  When no earthquake happened on the Feast of Trumpets, nor did "hail and fire ... mingled with blood" fall from the skies, I was admittedly perplexed.  (*My writings make clear that I believe the scenario in Revelation 8:7 involves a comet.)  Did I get the whole thing wrong?  Did I mess up the calculations based upon the formula?  (That is possible, given the difference between the 360-day Hebrew calendar and the 365-day Gregorian calendar.  But, that difference is covered in the book.  So, was it something else?)  Was my work destined to "fall upon the ash heap of history", only to be trampled upon by scoffers?

Or, did I simply miss a detail somewhere?

If so, where was that detail?  Was it part of the formula itself?  Was there another formula in another part of the Bible?  Was it a different application of the same formula?  When I wrote the book, I tried to pick apart every detail — trying to "sit in the seat of the scoffer", and thus "attack" my work from the outside — in an effort to ensure the highest degree of accuracy.  I only published the book when, as the saying goes, "There was no doubt in my military mind."

And, then it hit me.  The detail that I had left out was a military detail.

Usually, when a command is given via trumpet on the battlefield, there is a built-in amount of lag time before the signaled movement actually begins.  How much lag time?  And, knowing that there is a decompression of time from Heaven to Earth, how could we calculate it?  Is there an example to follow in the Bible?


In the Book of Daniel, there is a point at which Daniel prays for wisdom and knowledge from God.  Eventually, the angel Gabriel, who explains that he was detained by a battle with the Prince of Persia, visits Daniel.  God had heard Daniel's prayer, but the answer took 21 days to arrive.  (Given that the spiritual battle took place on Earth, we know that the angel is describing 21 days on Earth, and not 21 days in Heaven's time.)  So, by the explanation given to Daniel, we know that there can be a lag time between the moment that God utters a word and the time that the word is accomplished (although, the very fact that the delay is explained in that instance indicates that such delays are rare).  Now that we know that such a lag can exist, can we calculate whether such a lag exists in this case?


We know from scientific studies conducted regarding car crashes that it takes approximately one second for the human brain to perceive a dangerous situation in the traffic ahead of a driver.  It takes another second for the driver's foot to be applied to the brake pedal.  At normal in-town driving speeds, it takes another second for the car to stop.  That is three seconds from the time the danger occurs at the first car until the second car stops.  But, that application is based upon the driver seeing the danger at the speed of light.  A trumpet blows at the speed of sound.  (To my knowledge, there is no direct example in the Bible of how fast sound travels in Heaven as compared to Earth.)

Let's use a battlefield example.  A commander gives a command, and the bugler is standing near the commander.  Knowing that the commander is about to say something, the bugler already has the bugle to his lips.  (Revelation 8:6 says that the seven angels with the seven trumpets "prepared to blow".)  Even with that preparation, the bugler must process the command in his mind, think of the corresponding melody, and then begin to play it on the bugle.  The sound must then travel to its intended audience, and then the soldiers on the battlefield must process what they heard, begin to respond individually, and then mold their individual responses into a group response.  That is six separate steps.  But, the angel is a spiritual being, so the mental processing in his mind is instantaneous (the angel's mind is not filtered through a body of flesh).  That would approximate a five-second lag time.  That, in turn, seems appropriate to the battlefield analogy.

So, how long is a second in Heaven?

In the book, I showed that a half-hour in Heaven equals 20.8 years on Earth.  That was determined by dividing the "thousand years is one day" by the "silence in Heaven for about half an hour" found in Revelation 8:1.  There are 48 half-hours in one day.  One thousand divided by 48 equals 20.8 years.  So, what about the seconds?

There are 1,800 seconds in a half-hour.  So, 20.8 years times 360 days on the Hebrew calendar equals 7,488 Earth-days in a half-hour in Heaven.  (There are 7,592 Earth-days, if you multiply by the 365 days on the Gregorian calendar.  But, the reader will soon see that this difference is virtually insignificant to the final calculation.)  So, if we divide the number of days by the number of seconds in a half-hour, we discover that one second in Heaven equals 4.16 Earth-days by the Hebrew calendar or 4.21 days by the Gregorian calendar.  For those that love math (I don't), that difference equals 1.2 Earth-hours out of a span of approximately 21 Earth-years.  As I wrote earlier, the difference is virtually insignificant.

So, now that we know how long a second in Heaven lasts on Earth, what do we do with that knowledge?

In the battlefield analogy above, we saw that there was approximately five seconds of lag time from the time the bugler blew the signal until things changed on the battlefield.  If we apply that same concept to the blowing of the first trumpet of Revelation, then we see that the lag time on Earth is notable, because of the decompression of time from Heaven to Earth.  Five seconds of lag time in Heaven, times 4.185 days (thus, splitting the difference between the Hebrew and Gregorian calendars, just to eliminate arguments), equals 20.925 days of lag time on Earth from the time the trumpet starts to blow until a result happens on Earth.

So, is there anything that we can anticipate on Earth that happens 21 days after the Feast of Trumpets?  And, does such an event correspond to anything that I wrote in the book?  And, does that event correspond closely enough with Bible language to — hopefully — remove doubts from the minds of scoffers?

Oh, yes!!

Revelation 8:7 says, "The first angel sounded, and hail and fire followed, mingled with blood, and they were thrown to the earth."  (emphasis added)  The language does seem to imply a built-in lag time.  And, my book contains a detailed explanation of why I believe that the "hail and fire ... mingled with blood" accurately describes the disintegration of a comet as it passes through the Earth's atmosphere, as opposed to other possibilities.  Now, do we have any evidence of even the possibility of a comet coming near the Earth during a time that matches the lag time described above?

According to this NASA Web page, the Comet Boattini (official NEO designation: P/2008 T3) will pass near Earth's orbit ... on the 22nd of October!

Various objects — comets, asteroids, wayward satellites, and other "space junk" — sometimes fall toward Earth.  These are tracked by NASA, and are categorized as "Near Earth Objects" (NEOs).  One recent NEO was discovered only 19 hours before it struck Earth's atmosphere over Sudan.  The asteroid (about the size of a car) burned up in the atmosphere on Tuesday, 07 October, providing a light show over eastern Africa.  (The atmospheric burn was very fast, thus producing an explosion approximately one-seventh the force of the atomic bomb dropped upon Hiroshima.)  Notably, it marked the first time that scientists were able to accurately predict the trajectory of an inbound asteroid.  According to SpaceWeather.com, as of this writing, scientists know of 990 potentially hazardous NEOs.

There are some unique aspects to the Comet Boattini impact scenario.  First is the "hail and fire ... mingled with blood", which potentially matches the scenario of a comet disintegration.  Second is the timing.  (While scientists are happy to have predicted an asteroid strike 19 hours before impact, the Holy Bible predicts such an event more than 19 centuries before impact.  For the math lover, it means that the Bible is almost 17 million times more accurate than NASA scientists!)  Not only is the timing consistent with the "lag time" presented above, and the lag time properly follows the Feast of Trumpets, but the timing also coincides with an event planned by scientists on Earth.

Now, this is where it gets scary.

Almost six weeks ago, I questioned whether a planned experiment of the Large Hadron Collider could create a black hole that draws in a NEO to impact Earth.  It turned out that the 10 September experiment was a "dress rehearsal", and not the full-blown atomic particle collision that could produce an unpredictable result.  Since that time, two things have changed.  One is that CERN, the parent organization of the LHC, has now completed the worldwide super-computer network that is required to keep up with the enormous volume of data that is expected to be produced by the experiment.  On the 21st of October, CERN will hold an "inauguration" ceremony for the Large Hadron Collider.  The stated purpose of the LHC is to produce conditions — at the atomic particle level — that will replicate the conditions "just before the Big Bang" when the universe was created.

The Holy Bible tells us, in English, that, in the beginning, "the earth was without form, and void".  In Greek, the quoted phrase is only one word:  chaos.  Thus, untold billions of dollars from the economies of more than two dozen countries are literally being poured into a black hole with the goal of producing chaos!

My fear is that they will succeed.

God is not mocked.  If the leading nations of the world get together to seek chaos, then perhaps God will give it to them.  Perhaps the comet will impact the LHC facility.  Perhaps those scientists will get a momentary opportunity to witness the "God spark" that they seek.  And then, they will regret their choice.  But, in the process, will the rest of the planet be "impacted" by their decision?

Comet Boattini is expected to miss Earth by 75 LD.  (One LD is a "lunar distance" — the distance from the Earth to the Moon.  That distance is recognized as 384,401 kilometers.)  So, the comet is expected to miss Earth by more than 28-million kilometers (slightly less than 18-million miles.)  By astronomic standards, that is considered somewhat "near" the Earth.

NASA analysis of Comet Boattini -- Near-STRIKE

NASA orbital analysis of Comet Boattini near-strike course

(image source:  Jet Propulsion Laborator NEO tracking project)

The very next day, 23 October, an asteroid is expected to pass within only 3.6 LD of Earth's orbit.  Asteroid TT-26 (an "Apollo-class" NEO) is estimated at 70 meters in diameter.  In summary, an asteroid 25 times larger than Comet Boattini will pass 15 times closer than the comet on the very next day.  Have you read about this in any headline anywhere?

The LHC ceremony on 21 October is not expected to include any live experiment.  But, notably, it is three days prior to the annual United Nations Day.  (Three days is a very Biblical waiting period.)  In summary, LHC ceremony on the 21st, Comet Boattini on the 22nd, Asteroid TT-26 on the 23rd, and United Nations Day on the 24th.  All of this, by the way, will occur beneath the Crescent Moon — the symbol of Islam.

By the way, a retired geologist has a theory about earthquake prediciton.  He claims that his is the most accurate scientific method currently available.  He bases his predictions upon the effects that tides have upon the water in underground rock formations.  If the Moon can have an effect upon all the waters of Earth, then could other space objects — especially if they are moving at a much higher speed — also have a gravitational effect upon the waters of Earth?  And, could two such objects in a row — coming in from different directions — exert enough effect to trigger an earthquake?

The timing of this group of events matches — once the "lag time" is included — the events predicted in my book.  More importantly, it matches the predictions made in the most important Book of all time.  My hope is that, by showing the alarming truths that are unfolding literally right before us, many people will awaken to the truths of the Holy Bible.  And, having done so, that those people will recognize Jesus the Christ as the only true salvation, having been sent by God the Father to save sinful mankind from the end result of those unfolding events.

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