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Tom Kovach lives near Nashville, is a former USAF Blue Beret, and has written for several online publications. In December of 2006, he published his first book, Slingshot. Tom's second book, Tribulation: 2008, was released in August of 2008.

Tom is also
an inventor, a horse wrangler, a certified paralegal, and a former network talk-show host. (He would like to lauch another talk show -- perhaps on your station.)

One highlight of Tom's career in the Air Force was serving on a protection detail for US President Ronald Reagan. Tom has also run for Congress (and might run again).

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Obama's winning numbers: 6-6-6

Thursday, 06 November 2008, at 1905 hours
Central Time -- Nashville, Tennessee, USA

As my wise old Rusyn grandmother often warned me, "Be careful what you pray for, because you might get it."

For most of this year, I have prayed for God's wisdom and guidance as I researched the material for the book that eventually became Tribulation:  2008.  (The original working title was Are We Already in the End Times?  The research for the book was sparked by a friend's question, "Could it be that Barack Obama is the Antichrist?)

According to my book, he is not.  (Are you surprised?)

But, that does not mean that Obama is entirely off the Biblical hook.  For the details of what I mean by that, I suggest that you read the book.  In the meantime, confirmation of everything that I wrote in the book is coming from many directions.

Illinois Lottery winning numbers, the day after Election Day

One direction that I did not anticipate was a State of Illinois official Web page.  Specifically, it is the Web page for the winning lottery numbers for Wed, 05 Nov 2008.  (I captured the page, and stored it on my Web site, because the original page will eventually change as new numbers are posted.)

Illinois Lottery numbers, day after Election Day -- ZOOM


This is a zoom of the captured area.  Please pardon the sloppy highlighting.  (I'm more into "substance" than into "form".  Those that have heard my talk-radio programs know that I was not blessed with a "real radio-announcer voice".  But, nobody has ever called me a bad host, because the substance of the content overrides the form of the voice.)

Even those that know very little about the Bible still understand the significance of the number "666" (which I hate to even type on my computer).  They know that it is associated with absolute evil, albeit perhaps wearing a benevolent mask.  (just as "Satan transforms himself into an angel of light" -- 2nd Corinthians 11:14)  Hopefully, the fact that the very first sunset on a president-elect Obama included -- in his home state -- the number 6-6-6 as Obama's "winning numbers" is a fact that will get the attention of even the most hardened scoffer.

I wonder what "Peggy the mooch" thinks of this major-league hint from God.  (I heard that nickname, and the audio clip, from statewide talk-radio host Steve Gill this morning.)

"Peggy the Mooch" is quite emblematic of many Obama supporters.  Recently, I passed along to friends a forwarded e-mail story called "It's all about the ice cream".  The story describes a third-grade class that takes an interest in the presidential election.  The teacher decides to offer a practical lesson by staging a mock election in the classroom.  But, the teacher didn't anticipate little Olivia's one-sentence campaign speech:  "I will give everybody ice cream."  The class immediately forgot about little Steven's well-researched campaign speech.  And, despite teacher prompting, the class ignored questions about who would pay for the ice cream, etc.  Olivia won by a landslide.

One of my friends is a NY liberal.  I debated about whether to even send her the story, knowing that I would get a backlash.  What surprised me, however, were the purported "facts" that my friend used to justify her support of Barack Obama.  She claimed that Obama was the epitome of the American Dream, because he came from a "poor family" and rose to get elected president.

However, she has totally ignored the following real facts.

  • Barack Hussein Obama I was a Harvard-educated economist from a politically-connected family in Kenya.
  • Barack Hussein Obama II got substantial financial backing from Dr. Khalid al-Mansour in order to go to Harvard Law School (after attending two other colleges, in different parts of the country, and admittedly blowing a lot of money on booze and drugs).  How many products of "a poor family" can afford to do that?
  • Barack Hussein Obama II was, by reliable accounts, born in Kenya of a Kenyan father.  Under the British law that was in effect at the time of his birth, that makes the younger Obama a natural-born citizen of Kenya.  (Thus, not only is he Constitutionally disqualified from becoming president, but he is also illegally occupying an office in the United States Senate, unless he can prove that he legally entered this country and became a naturalized citizen within the qualifying dates.)
  • Barack Hussein Obama II is not even 100 percent Black.  (He is 50 percent White, 34 percent Arab, and only 16 percent Black.  He is, however, 100 percent Socialist.  That, of course, would be just fine with Peggy the Mooch and Olivia the Ice-Cream President.)
  • Kenya's current prime minister, Raila Odinga, is the cousin of Barack Hussein Obama II, who campaigned for him during a trip to Kenya.  (Is is legal for a sitting United States senator to attempt to sway a foreign election?)
  • Prime Minister Odinga received higher education in East Germany when it was still a Communist country.  Prime Minister Odinga named his son "Fidel" -- not a typical Kenyan name.

I could go on, but that would take away from the prophetic "hint" that God has allowed the Illinois Lottery provide to anyone that will pay attention.  To people such as Peggy the Mooch, it might seem as if Obama is an "angel of light".  But, don't worry, that illusion won't last much longer.  "If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear."  (Matthew 11:15)


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