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Tom Kovach lives near Nashville, is a former USAF Blue Beret, and has written for several online publications. In December of 2006, he published his first book, Slingshot. Tom's second book, Tribulation: 2008, was released in August of 2008.

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an inventor, a horse wrangler, a certified paralegal, and a former network talk-show host. (He would like to lauch another talk show -- perhaps on your station.)

One highlight of Tom's career in the Air Force was serving on a protection detail for US President Ronald Reagan. Tom has also run for Congress (and might run again).

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Obama -- what are the chances that he is "The One"?

Wednesday, 19 November 2008, at 1548 hours
Central Time -- Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Recently, I put out a blog entry that 666 was the winning number for the Illinois state lottery on the day after Election Day.  Illinois, of course, is the home state of US Senator Barack Hussein Obama II, who has (ostensibly) become our president-elect.

So, what are the chances that Obama really is "The One"?  (In an increasing number of columns, blogs, and letters to the editor, that is the term by which Obama is referred:  The One.)

Obama supporters have criticized me for daring to even imply that there is any connection between the election of Barack Obama and the prophecies in the Holy Bible regarding the seven-year period known as The Tribulation.

Imply?  I wrote an entire book about The Tribulation!  And, sadly, I wrote that Barack Obama plays a prominent role in fulfilling the prophecies about this period of time.  (Which, by the way, has already begun.)  The book spells out that role quite plainly, and everything that Obama does confirms that the book is correct.


Was I merely grasping at straws to smear Obama, as critics claim?  Or, was it more than mere coincidence that the number 666 made headlines in Obama's home state the day after the election?  Let's do the math.

Regular readers know that I don't like math.  However, I do like precision, and math is an expression of precision.  And, no one is more precise than God.  Recently, I used math to show that God has given a simple but precise mathematical formula to help us understand the truth of His Word regarding the future of our world.  Through that formula, I was able to demonstrate that events in outer space last month took place on the exact day when the Bible formula said they would.  Nobody could've made a prediciton like that, with that level of precision, except God.

do the math

So, let's see what the numbers have to say about the "coincidence" of the Illinois Lottery picking 666 on the day after Election Day in the home state of the (purported) president-elect.

The chances of picking that number on any given day are one in a thousand.  Multiply that by 365 days in a year, times 4 years in a presidential election cycle, times two candidates likely to win (in our media-steered election process that ignores better-qualified candidates), times 50 states from which the president-elect could have come, times 42 states that have a lottery.  The resulting odds are one in 6,132,000,000 (yes -- more than six billion to one) for that event to happen as it did.

but, wait, there's more

If the number "six billion" rings a bell, it's probably because -- only a few years ago -- it was in the news quite a lot.  In 1999, scientists and the news media proclaimed that the population of Earth had exceeded six billion people.  So, does it seem "more than coincidence" that this one person -- out of more than six billion -- is called "The One"?  What are the odds of that?  A little more than six billion to one?

Only God knows exactly how many people are on Earth at any given moment.  (For example, I think that the figure shown by the US Census Bureau world population 'clock' is somewhat inflated.)  My personal feeling is that the odds of Barack Obama being "The One" precisely matched the number of people on  Earth at the moment when a specific event occurred.  What event?  Just like the exact population of Earth, only God knows the answer to that question.

Given the fact that Obama's home state had a prophetic number on his first day as "president-elect", it certainly seems that God is dropping us some major hints that events are lining up precisely as He predicted centuries ago.  What are the chances that people will pay attention?


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