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Tom Kovach lives near Nashville, is a former USAF Blue Beret, and has written for several online publications. In December of 2006, he published his first book, Slingshot. Tom's second book, Tribulation: 2008, was released in August of 2008.

Tom is also
an inventor, a horse wrangler, a certified paralegal, and a former network talk-show host. (He would like to lauch another talk show -- perhaps on your station.)

One highlight of Tom's career in the Air Force was serving on a protection detail for US President Ronald Reagan. Tom has also run for Congress (and might run again).

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Tuesday, 28 October 2008, at 0943 hours
Central Time -- Nashville, Tennessee, USA

The Sign of the Son of Man

One would think that people would "get it" by now.  Alas, apparently, they do not.

We have officially entered The Tribulation -- the seven-year period, predicted in the Holy Bible, that immediately precedes the return of Jesus the Christ.  (Many thanks to Mel Gibson for injecting "the" into the popular lexicon, via his blockbuster movie, The Passion of the Christ.  The word "Christ" is a title; it is not His last name.)

In my recent book, Tribulation:  2008, I primarily used examples that are beyond human control to prove the Bible predictions.  One would think that aligning the Sun, Moon, and stars to do things that are rare, if unprecedented, would be proof of God's unique activity.  One would think that specific patterns of earthquakes in areas with prophetic significance (such as the Milwaukee Deep, which is explained in my book) would be enough to awaken the populace from its daze.  One would think that my previous column, "God does not slumber", proving that celestial events occurred exactly on schedule according to the combination of a Biblical timetable and military tactical experience would prove that God is in action to bring about the final salvation of the human race.  One would think that high-tech space telescopes discovering a silhouetted Cross in the zone called "the center of the universe" would be realized as proof of Jesus' prediction that the "Sign of the Son of Man" would appear in the heavens.  It seems that NASA has provided us a foretaste of this event via the Hubble Space Telescope.

NASA photo -- Cross in center of universe

NASA photo of a Cross in the center of the universe


Jesus said, "The lamp of the body is the eye..." (Matthew 6:22) and an American sculptor named Hiram Powers said, "The eye is the window of the soul...."  The first photo above shows what appears to be a reflection in the pupil of an eye; it is really the center of a nebula formation thousands of light-years away from Earth.  Some have called that nebula the Eye of God, for obvious reasons.  Note that the center of the eye is also the central point of what appears to be a silhouette of the Crucifixion of Jesus.  Further, the image is from an unusual perspective — a ground-up view, from the left side of Jesus (as He would've seen it from the Cross).  Knowing that the right side of Jesus was pierced by a Roman spear, and knowing that the soldier doing the piercing was under a centurion, and knowing that the right side of a military formation is the place of honor, it seems that the view of Jesus in the middle of the God's Eye nebula is the view that the centurion would've had at the moment that he uttered, "Truly, this man was the Son of God."  (Matthew 27:54; Mark 15:39)  Thus, mankind's realization that Jesus is truly the Son of God — and, thus, the true Savior of all mankind — is not only the central event of the universe, but also the central point of the universe.

For those scoffers that say this explanation is quite a stretch, consider the other two photos.  The middle photo is a small wooden Crucifix, decorated in the ancient iconographic style of the Orthodox Church.  Icons of the Crucifixion almost always show Jesus' body in the twists of an agonizing death.  Orthodox icons of this event also normally show the inscription ("Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews" — often abbreviated "INRI", from the Latin "Iesus Nazarenum, Rex Iudaem") that was posted above Jesus' head, and the footboard.  Note that the outline of the sign is visible in the nebula's silhouette, and the footboard is implied by the angle of His legs.

The bottom photo shows a three-dimensional perspective, as the centurion would've seen while supervising the execution, and clearly shows the torturous effects of gravity upon Jesus' body.  (Sadly, another person present at Golgotha, and thus witness to the painful events, was His mother, Mary.  The "empty space" at the center of the Eye of God nebula could also, thus, be her perspective.  She could not have been far from the Cross, because Jesus spoke to her just before His last breath.)

Hopefully, the reader is convinced that "the Sign of the Son of Man" is in place in the heavens, just as Jesus predicted it would be.  Because the pages of Tribulation:  2008 were printed in black-and-white, it was not possible to go into this much detail in the book.  At some point in the not-too-distant future, the reader can expect to see this Sign in the sky without the aid of the Hubble Space Telescope!

"Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near."  (Luke 21:28)

Sunday, 26 October 2008, at 0935 hours
Central Time -- Nashville, Tennessee, USA

God does not slumber

In my last blog entry, I pointed out that certain celestial events precisely matched the timing of a Biblical formula.  And, I pointed out that the timing matched my interpretation of Biblical prophecy.  And then, on the expected date ... nothing happened.  Or, did it?

Research for my book, Tribulation:  2008, began sometime in late January or early February.  After about six months of research and writing, the book was released in late August.  In the book, I explained that the "hail and fire, mingled with blood" described in Revelation 8:7 seems to best match a description of the disintegration of a comet.  The debris from the comet then falls to Earth and fouls one-third of the waters, as the remainder of the verse describes.

My previous blog entry also went into detail about how NASA's calculations of the arrival of a comet (Boattini / Barnard) matched the formula for the "decompression of time between Heaven and Earth", the same formula that the book used, as it applied to a five-second delay between a trumpet command and its battlefield response.  So, I was quite surprised and disappointed when nothing appeared to happen on Wed, 21 Oct, when Comet Boattini/Barnard passed near the Earth.  (Don't get me wrong.  I'm not eager for one-third of the water on Earth to be fouled by pollution from outer space.  Nor am I eager to experience the other punishments that God has predicted for the Last Days.  I am eager, though, for God's will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.)

So, as the scoffers sometimes ask, was God sleeping?

No!  As my previous blog pointed out, an asteroid (TT-26) was expected to pass near Earth the very next day.  (Asteroid TT-26 had been designated a "potentially hazardous asteroid" the week prior.  But, the PHA designation disappeared from NASA's Web page a few hours after my talk-radio interview in Saint Louis, which dramatically boosted traffic to my Web site and blog.  [The show got 500 hundred e-mails, asking for my Web address, within 24 hours.  Sales of my book have jumped by more than 16,000 sales ranks since then.]  At about the same time that the PHA designation disappeared, the Comet name was changed on the NASA page from Boattini to Barnard.  I had specified Boattini in the blog and the interview, because that was the only name used by NASA until that sudden change after the interview.  Then, just before the comet arrived, NASA's Web page changed again, and the name appeared as Boattini/Barnard.  Coincidence?)

Then, something quite unexpected happened.  Another "soldier" suddenly appeared on the "battlefield".  His name was Asteroid 2008 UM1.  (The paths of Near Earth Objects, including PHAs, are measured in units called a Lunar Distance — the distance from the Earth to the Moon.  One LD equals 304,000 kilometers.)  Asteroid 2008 UM1 passed 0.2 LD from Earth.  Yes, you read correctly:  two-tenths of an LD from Earth!  That equals only 60,800 kilometers, or 37,696 miles.  (In astronomical terms, that was a very close shave.  How many truckers do you know that are still driving after having received a million-mile safety award?)  And, NASA discovered Asteroid 2008 UM1 only a few hours before that close shave.

But, nothing happened ... right?  Not so fast.

Of the verses used to describe the punishments that occur on Earth after each of the seven trumpets are blown, only one uses the word "followed".  (I've consistently used the New King James Version of the Holy Bible, unless making certain linguistic comparisons.  That is because it is both accurate and readable.  I did receive one e-mail from someone that told me I should "repent" for not using the King James Version, or face the consequences on Judgment Day.)  The Greek word is ginomai (Strong's number 1096, as used in both the King James Version and the New American Standard).  It is important to note that ginomai is a prolongation of the verb "come into being" or "to be made".  Thus, the event that follows the blowing of the first trumpet is something that happens over a period of time.  Ginomai is not used with the blowing of the other trumpets.  (And, this makes sense from a military viewpoint.  Once the soldiers on the battlefield hear the first trumpet, and if they know that there is a plan for other trumpets to soon follow, they will be more alert for the remaining trumpets.  Thus, the five-second battlefield delay described in my previous blog entry would not be so long for the other trumpet commands.)  Thus, there is something different about how the battlefield action is played out in response to this first trumpet.  In my opinion, it is not that "nothing happened".  Instead, it seems that God has used some special-operations tactics to begin His final battle against evil on Earth.

Enter space dust.

Comets are described by astronomers as "dirty snowballs".  They are a combination of ice and various debris and or minerals, usually in the form of dust-size particles held in the ice.  The comet's tail is produced by particles of dust and ice falling off the main body of the comet as it hurtles through space.  Thus, just as a boat leaves a wake of foam in the water, a comet leaves a wake of space dust.  And, if an object passes through that wake of space dust, and "pushes" it closer to Earth, then some of that dust could fall to Earth.

NASA chart of Earth passing through comet wake

Asteroid 2008 UM1 was quite a surprise to NASA scientists.  While the course-tracking calculations for comets are made from hundreds of observations over decades, the track for Asteroid 2008 UM1 was made from only nine observations — all made on the same day that it passed near Earth.  (A similar scenario accompanied the discovery of Asteroid 2008 TC3, which was discovered only 19 hours before it caused a 1.6-kiloton explosion over the desert of Sudan as it impacted Earth's atmosphere earlier this month.)  Amateur astronomers around the world have complained that NASA has photos of the explosion, but that the agency is not releasing them.  Some of them are crying "government cover-up".  As the above NASA chart shows, they are able to track space dust from comets that passed near Earth decades, or centuries, before.  So, what happened literally "in the wake" of the comet that passed near Earth last week?  Will NASA ever tell the public?  Hmmmmmmm.

So, to summarize, a small asteroid suddenly appears in the wake of a comet.  NASA has been tracking the comet, which was discovered more than a hundred years ago, and knows that it will pass much closer to Earth than most comets.  Both the asteroid and the comet appear on the exact day that matches a Biblical formula for the timing of events that follow a major Bible prediction.  But, it was a "surprise".

The Bible says that the "hail and fire, mingled with blood" will "follow" the blowing of the first trumpet.  As I've described in my book, and in previous blog entries, this description matches the scenario of debris from a comet falling to Earth.  The detail that I had not considered was that the debris could be knocked to Earth by another object passing through the wake of the comet.

As my book describes, iron ore in the space dust could explain the appearance of "blood" as the debris from the dirty snowball falls to Earth.  But, there could be other explanations, which could include the existence of some unearthly form of mold or bacteria.  If the vehicle is iron ore, though, and if the ore is attracted by Earth's magnetic poles, then perhaps the space dust would land primarily on the ice caps at the North and South Poles.  There is a lot of ice there.  Does that ice equal one-third of Earth's total water resources?  And, has it already been polluted by falling space dust — but the effects have not yet been realized, because the ice has not yet drifted to the glacial edges and fallen into the oceans?  Keep in mind that the "shooting stars" we see from Earth's surface are often the size of a pebble or a grain of sand.  During the same time frame that this scenario was playing out in the skies, Earth experienced one of our regularly-scheduled meteor showers.  How could scientists distinguish space dust from Comet Boattini/Barnard from the comet wakes that we pass through to produce dazzling meteor showers?  If some of that dust and debris landed in polar ice, would we even know that it happened?

That scenario would explain the specific use of the word "followed" in Revelation 8:7, but not in the other verses that describe the blowing of the other trumpets.  Keep in mind that "The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance."  (2 Peter 3:9 — the verse that immediately follows the verse from which we get the formula for "the decompression of time from Heaven to Earth".)  In His great mercy, God is causing even His punishments, which we sinful humans have definitely earned, to move as slowly as possible yet still meet His overall timetable.

NASA image of Near-Strike course of Asteroid SV-11

 The above image is NASA's calculated path of Asteroid SV11, which is on a Near-Strike course for Earth in the year 2014.  As my book points out, NASA also predicts a rare combination of solar and lunar eclipses for the one-year period between Spring 2014 and Spring 2015.  I was alerted to this scenario by news reports of the findings of Pastor Mark Biltz, a Messianic Jewish pastor that is also an amateur Christian astronomer.  He reports that the eclipse pattern matches the description that Jesus gave for celestial events that occur after The Tribulation is complete!

God does not slumber.

Monday, 13 October 2008, at 1305 hours
Central Time -- Nashville, Tennessee, USA

The times of the signs

At first glance, the title of this column might seem to be a mistake.  It is not.

(NOTE:  This column is a bit long, even by Kovach standards.  And, it gets a bit scary toward the end, even by Kovach standards.)

Having spent six months writing a book on Bible prophecy, and having hinged much of what I wrote upon this year's Feast of Trumpets, it might seem that I would be justifiably  disappointed that "nothing happened" during the two-day feast that began when the New Moon rose on the evening of the 29th of September.  Since mid-June of this year, I've been saying that a significant earthquake is likely in the area of Northern California that I have dubbed the Quake Crescent.  At the center of that area is a large idol of an owl at a place called the Bohemian Grove.  The owl is one of the representations of Lillith, a demon that has been described in the literature of several Middle Eastern cultures for most of recorded history.  (Another representation is a nude, long-haired woman — very much like the one on the Starbuck's Coffee logo.  Coincidence?  I think not.)  The earthquake that shook the Sacramento area on 05 August was, in my opinion, only the foreshock of the quake that I believe will topple the idol of the owl.  The owl idol itself. the Bohemian Grove itself, this summer's California Supreme Court decision, and the Starbuck's Coffee company are all associated with the promotion of homosexuality.  I believe that is the reason that God will punish Northern California with an earthquake that damages both the idol and the capital of Sacramento.  But, that quake did not occur on the 29th of September.

So, is all of my research worthless?  Au, contraire

Terra-cotta image of demon Lilitu 
Kiskil-lilla: depicted in a Mesopotamian terra-cotta known as the Burney Relief.
Believed by some scholars to be same as Lillith.
Note resemblance to Starbuck's logo, including the similar-shaped adornments on the heads of the two women.  Also note her bird-like feet, and the owls on either side of her.
(image source:  Wikipedia)

Those months of research proved to me (as if I didn't already know) that the Holy Bible is a document filled with precision.  The language is precise.  The numbers are precise.  The mathematical formulas are precise.  The mentions and descriptions of other "gods" and demons are precise.  (Starbuck's claims that its logo represents a Siren — a mythical Greek temptress that lured sailors into crushing rock formations.  Lillith is sometimes described as "the maiden who screeches constantly".  Coincidence?  Again, I think not.)  Sometimes we do not have enough understanding and insight to appreciate the precision.  And, sometimes that insight is withheld from us until God's timing has been fulfilled.

Let's talk about God's timing.

Much of my recent book, Tribulation:  2008, hinged upon the formula given in 2nd Peter 3:8, "But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day."  When no earthquake happened on the Feast of Trumpets, nor did "hail and fire ... mingled with blood" fall from the skies, I was admittedly perplexed.  (*My writings make clear that I believe the scenario in Revelation 8:7 involves a comet.)  Did I get the whole thing wrong?  Did I mess up the calculations based upon the formula?  (That is possible, given the difference between the 360-day Hebrew calendar and the 365-day Gregorian calendar.  But, that difference is covered in the book.  So, was it something else?)  Was my work destined to "fall upon the ash heap of history", only to be trampled upon by scoffers?

Or, did I simply miss a detail somewhere?

If so, where was that detail?  Was it part of the formula itself?  Was there another formula in another part of the Bible?  Was it a different application of the same formula?  When I wrote the book, I tried to pick apart every detail — trying to "sit in the seat of the scoffer", and thus "attack" my work from the outside — in an effort to ensure the highest degree of accuracy.  I only published the book when, as the saying goes, "There was no doubt in my military mind."

And, then it hit me.  The detail that I had left out was a military detail.

Usually, when a command is given via trumpet on the battlefield, there is a built-in amount of lag time before the signaled movement actually begins.  How much lag time?  And, knowing that there is a decompression of time from Heaven to Earth, how could we calculate it?  Is there an example to follow in the Bible?


In the Book of Daniel, there is a point at which Daniel prays for wisdom and knowledge from God.  Eventually, the angel Gabriel, who explains that he was detained by a battle with the Prince of Persia, visits Daniel.  God had heard Daniel's prayer, but the answer took 21 days to arrive.  (Given that the spiritual battle took place on Earth, we know that the angel is describing 21 days on Earth, and not 21 days in Heaven's time.)  So, by the explanation given to Daniel, we know that there can be a lag time between the moment that God utters a word and the time that the word is accomplished (although, the very fact that the delay is explained in that instance indicates that such delays are rare).  Now that we know that such a lag can exist, can we calculate whether such a lag exists in this case?


We know from scientific studies conducted regarding car crashes that it takes approximately one second for the human brain to perceive a dangerous situation in the traffic ahead of a driver.  It takes another second for the driver's foot to be applied to the brake pedal.  At normal in-town driving speeds, it takes another second for the car to stop.  That is three seconds from the time the danger occurs at the first car until the second car stops.  But, that application is based upon the driver seeing the danger at the speed of light.  A trumpet blows at the speed of sound.  (To my knowledge, there is no direct example in the Bible of how fast sound travels in Heaven as compared to Earth.)

Let's use a battlefield example.  A commander gives a command, and the bugler is standing near the commander.  Knowing that the commander is about to say something, the bugler already has the bugle to his lips.  (Revelation 8:6 says that the seven angels with the seven trumpets "prepared to blow".)  Even with that preparation, the bugler must process the command in his mind, think of the corresponding melody, and then begin to play it on the bugle.  The sound must then travel to its intended audience, and then the soldiers on the battlefield must process what they heard, begin to respond individually, and then mold their individual responses into a group response.  That is six separate steps.  But, the angel is a spiritual being, so the mental processing in his mind is instantaneous (the angel's mind is not filtered through a body of flesh).  That would approximate a five-second lag time.  That, in turn, seems appropriate to the battlefield analogy.

So, how long is a second in Heaven?

In the book, I showed that a half-hour in Heaven equals 20.8 years on Earth.  That was determined by dividing the "thousand years is one day" by the "silence in Heaven for about half an hour" found in Revelation 8:1.  There are 48 half-hours in one day.  One thousand divided by 48 equals 20.8 years.  So, what about the seconds?

There are 1,800 seconds in a half-hour.  So, 20.8 years times 360 days on the Hebrew calendar equals 7,488 Earth-days in a half-hour in Heaven.  (There are 7,592 Earth-days, if you multiply by the 365 days on the Gregorian calendar.  But, the reader will soon see that this difference is virtually insignificant to the final calculation.)  So, if we divide the number of days by the number of seconds in a half-hour, we discover that one second in Heaven equals 4.16 Earth-days by the Hebrew calendar or 4.21 days by the Gregorian calendar.  For those that love math (I don't), that difference equals 1.2 Earth-hours out of a span of approximately 21 Earth-years.  As I wrote earlier, the difference is virtually insignificant.

So, now that we know how long a second in Heaven lasts on Earth, what do we do with that knowledge?

In the battlefield analogy above, we saw that there was approximately five seconds of lag time from the time the bugler blew the signal until things changed on the battlefield.  If we apply that same concept to the blowing of the first trumpet of Revelation, then we see that the lag time on Earth is notable, because of the decompression of time from Heaven to Earth.  Five seconds of lag time in Heaven, times 4.185 days (thus, splitting the difference between the Hebrew and Gregorian calendars, just to eliminate arguments), equals 20.925 days of lag time on Earth from the time the trumpet starts to blow until a result happens on Earth.

So, is there anything that we can anticipate on Earth that happens 21 days after the Feast of Trumpets?  And, does such an event correspond to anything that I wrote in the book?  And, does that event correspond closely enough with Bible language to — hopefully — remove doubts from the minds of scoffers?

Oh, yes!!

Revelation 8:7 says, "The first angel sounded, and hail and fire followed, mingled with blood, and they were thrown to the earth."  (emphasis added)  The language does seem to imply a built-in lag time.  And, my book contains a detailed explanation of why I believe that the "hail and fire ... mingled with blood" accurately describes the disintegration of a comet as it passes through the Earth's atmosphere, as opposed to other possibilities.  Now, do we have any evidence of even the possibility of a comet coming near the Earth during a time that matches the lag time described above?

According to this NASA Web page, the Comet Boattini (official NEO designation: P/2008 T3) will pass near Earth's orbit ... on the 22nd of October!

Various objects — comets, asteroids, wayward satellites, and other "space junk" — sometimes fall toward Earth.  These are tracked by NASA, and are categorized as "Near Earth Objects" (NEOs).  One recent NEO was discovered only 19 hours before it struck Earth's atmosphere over Sudan.  The asteroid (about the size of a car) burned up in the atmosphere on Tuesday, 07 October, providing a light show over eastern Africa.  (The atmospheric burn was very fast, thus producing an explosion approximately one-seventh the force of the atomic bomb dropped upon Hiroshima.)  Notably, it marked the first time that scientists were able to accurately predict the trajectory of an inbound asteroid.  According to SpaceWeather.com, as of this writing, scientists know of 990 potentially hazardous NEOs.

There are some unique aspects to the Comet Boattini impact scenario.  First is the "hail and fire ... mingled with blood", which potentially matches the scenario of a comet disintegration.  Second is the timing.  (While scientists are happy to have predicted an asteroid strike 19 hours before impact, the Holy Bible predicts such an event more than 19 centuries before impact.  For the math lover, it means that the Bible is almost 17 million times more accurate than NASA scientists!)  Not only is the timing consistent with the "lag time" presented above, and the lag time properly follows the Feast of Trumpets, but the timing also coincides with an event planned by scientists on Earth.

Now, this is where it gets scary.

Almost six weeks ago, I questioned whether a planned experiment of the Large Hadron Collider could create a black hole that draws in a NEO to impact Earth.  It turned out that the 10 September experiment was a "dress rehearsal", and not the full-blown atomic particle collision that could produce an unpredictable result.  Since that time, two things have changed.  One is that CERN, the parent organization of the LHC, has now completed the worldwide super-computer network that is required to keep up with the enormous volume of data that is expected to be produced by the experiment.  On the 21st of October, CERN will hold an "inauguration" ceremony for the Large Hadron Collider.  The stated purpose of the LHC is to produce conditions — at the atomic particle level — that will replicate the conditions "just before the Big Bang" when the universe was created.

The Holy Bible tells us, in English, that, in the beginning, "the earth was without form, and void".  In Greek, the quoted phrase is only one word:  chaos.  Thus, untold billions of dollars from the economies of more than two dozen countries are literally being poured into a black hole with the goal of producing chaos!

My fear is that they will succeed.

God is not mocked.  If the leading nations of the world get together to seek chaos, then perhaps God will give it to them.  Perhaps the comet will impact the LHC facility.  Perhaps those scientists will get a momentary opportunity to witness the "God spark" that they seek.  And then, they will regret their choice.  But, in the process, will the rest of the planet be "impacted" by their decision?

Comet Boattini is expected to miss Earth by 75 LD.  (One LD is a "lunar distance" — the distance from the Earth to the Moon.  That distance is recognized as 384,401 kilometers.)  So, the comet is expected to miss Earth by more than 28-million kilometers (slightly less than 18-million miles.)  By astronomic standards, that is considered somewhat "near" the Earth.

NASA analysis of Comet Boattini -- Near-STRIKE

NASA orbital analysis of Comet Boattini near-strike course

(image source:  Jet Propulsion Laborator NEO tracking project)

The very next day, 23 October, an asteroid is expected to pass within only 3.6 LD of Earth's orbit.  Asteroid TT-26 (an "Apollo-class" NEO) is estimated at 70 meters in diameter.  In summary, an asteroid 25 times larger than Comet Boattini will pass 15 times closer than the comet on the very next day.  Have you read about this in any headline anywhere?

The LHC ceremony on 21 October is not expected to include any live experiment.  But, notably, it is three days prior to the annual United Nations Day.  (Three days is a very Biblical waiting period.)  In summary, LHC ceremony on the 21st, Comet Boattini on the 22nd, Asteroid TT-26 on the 23rd, and United Nations Day on the 24th.  All of this, by the way, will occur beneath the Crescent Moon — the symbol of Islam.

By the way, a retired geologist has a theory about earthquake prediciton.  He claims that his is the most accurate scientific method currently available.  He bases his predictions upon the effects that tides have upon the water in underground rock formations.  If the Moon can have an effect upon all the waters of Earth, then could other space objects — especially if they are moving at a much higher speed — also have a gravitational effect upon the waters of Earth?  And, could two such objects in a row — coming in from different directions — exert enough effect to trigger an earthquake?

The timing of this group of events matches — once the "lag time" is included — the events predicted in my book.  More importantly, it matches the predictions made in the most important Book of all time.  My hope is that, by showing the alarming truths that are unfolding literally right before us, many people will awaken to the truths of the Holy Bible.  And, having done so, that those people will recognize Jesus the Christ as the only true salvation, having been sent by God the Father to save sinful mankind from the end result of those unfolding events.

Thursday, 02 October 2008, at 0710 hours
Central Time -- Nashville, Tennessee, USA

The smoking guns of Islam

Having studied foreign languages and cultures, I'm often ashamed of the "ugly American" attitude.  I saw it a lot when I was stationed in Korea for a year.  But, even though I try to be culturally aware, it still amazes me how much information is right before our faces, but we don't see it because of our myopic American view of the world.

Such is the case with certain dates on the Islamic calendar.  Those dates are the "smoking guns" of Islam.

During my investigation of the Flight 800 disaster (Wed, 17 Jul 1996 -- an airliner exploded in midair of the coast of Long Island), I became aware of just how seriously the Islamist terrorists consider their calendar when planning their attacks.  And, from their viewpoint, that makes perfect sense.  Their calendar is based upon their religion.  And, their attacks are part of a jihad -- a never-ending religious war to convert the entire world to Islam.  Therefore, they view their attacks upon America as religious events, and plan them accordingly.

We ignore that point at our peril.

Several years ago, I wrote a column (that, alas, did not get published) in which I correctly predicted the date of a terrorist attack three months in advance.  The only thing I used to do that was the Islamic calendar.  And, in retrospect, we might have been able to predict (and prevent?) the "9-11" attacks if our government would have used this same lens to examine terrorist trends.  (But, of course, using the Islamists religion against them would be "politically incorrect".)

Consider this.

On the 9th of January, 1991, US Secretary of State James Baker met with Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz.  The talks broke down.  Baker returned to the United States with his report.  Three days later, on 12 Jan 1991, a joint session of the United States Congress approved a "resolution on the use of force" -- the closest we have come to a Constitutionally-required "declaration of war" since December of 1941.  Three days after the resolution passed, the sun set on the last day of Operation Desert Shield.  When the sun rose the next morning, Baghdad had experienced the first "thunder and lightning" of Operation Desert Storm.

But, from an Islamic point of view, the war began on the day that the talks broke down.  From the point that Baker and Aziz failed to negotiate a peaceful resolution, the Islamic mindset is that the two countries were at war.  The resolution from Congress was, in the Islamist mind, a mere rubber-stamp formality.  On the Islamic calendar, the talks broke down on the date 22 Jumada t-Tania 1411.  Now, fast forward to the date 22 Jumada t-Tania 1422.

Or, on the Gregorian calendar, 11 September 2001.

But, as I began to write in my never-published book on the "9-11" attacks, (the title was Business as Usual, from the post-attack speech by President George W. Bush), that date was also the 60th anniversary (on the Gregorian calendar) of the groundbreaking ceremony for a building that was one of the engineering marvels of its day:  The Pentagon.  And, keep in mind that Osama bin-Laden is a civil engineer by training and by trade.  (He comes from a family of civil engineers; one of the wealthiest families in Saudi Arabia.)  One of the key sentences from that book was, "Osama bin-Laden is not a stupid man; he is an evil man."  The terrorist mastermind took into account -- albeit, from an Islamist viewpoint -- a date that should've been a resounding insult to Americans.

Apparently, bin-Laden underestimated our lamentable American penchant for historical nonchalance.

So, let's see if we can spark some interest.  Put on your thinking caps.  Follow the dominos.  Lets see if we can learn to avert disaster.  We must learn the lessons of history, or be doomed to repeat them.

Recent news from WorldNetDaily reports that terrorists have apparently accuired the capability to build a thermobaric bomb.  So, you might ask, "What is a thermobaric bomb, and why should I care about it?"  To understand the future of terrorism, you need to look to the past.  And, to understand what happened last month on the ground in Pakistan, you need to understand what happened last decade in the air off Long Island.

The type of thermobaric bomb described in the above-linked WND report was, by American munitions standards, fairly crude (but effective).  The bomb in Pakistan apparently used an aluminum powder to create a cloud of flammable dust immediately ahead of the blast wave from the bomb.  When the bomb's fireball caught up with the blast wave, it ignited the dust, and created an even larger explosion.  This is the same concept behind the fuel-air MOAB -- nicknamed "the Mother of All Bombs", in mocking reference to Saddam Hussein's threat to give the United States "the mother of all battles" if we invaded Iraq.  (Historical note:  after his capture by American commandos, Hussein received "the mother of all trials" in an Iraqi court, which then sentenced him to "the mother of all hangings".)

The official myth of the Flight 800 disaster is that a "random spark" in the center fuel tank caused the airliner to be cleanly cut into two major sections by a jet-fuel explosion.  The fact that jet fuel is not explosive (except under very specific condidtions) seems to have escaped FBI investigators, who were busy looking for a way to save President Bill Clinton's political skin in an election year.  The fact is that Flight 800 was brought down by a missile strike.  (Actually, the 747 was hit by three missiles, according to a detailed engineering report that I have in my possession.)  One of the missiles that intercepted Flight 800 contained a type of fuel-air explosive in its warhead.  The presence of oxidizer-pellet shrapnel in the bodies of crash victims proves this point.

So what?

The recent bombing in Pakistan was apparently the work of al-Qaida.  Why would they attack their Muslim brothers?  Because, from the Islamist viewpoint, Pakistan was a traitor.  In the current (never-ending?) war against terrorism, Pakistan has cooperated -- albeit reluctantly at times -- with the United States.  The hotel that was bombed in Islamabad was owned by an American company.  (And, not just any company.  The hotel chain's founder, J. Willard Marriott, was personal friends with President Ronald Reagan.  Terrorists had a lasting fear of "President Ray-Gun", who ordered the Navy F-14 jets that bombed Muammar Qaddafi's tent.)  The terrorists wanted to send a message to their betrayers.

The message was in the date.

The bombing took place on the 21st of September (Pakistan time), and the hotel was apparently a known meeting place for American intelligence agents.  Back in Washington, it was still the 20th of September when the bomb exploded.  And, on the Islamic calendar, the 20 September 2008 came on 19 Ramadan 1429.  The 19th of Ramadan is a sad day on the Islamic religious calendar.  It marks the anniversary of an attack upon the first Imam, the prince Ali Abu-Hasan.  He was stabbed while praying in a mosque, and he died two days later.  (Interestingly, he was born on Friday the 13th.)  The attacker was considered a man that had access to the mosque; thus, a traitor to Islam.  That was the message:  Pakistan is a traitor to Islam.

As has been pointed out by intrepid investigative author Jack Cashill, the downing of Flight 800 coincided with National Liberation Day in Iraq.  On the Islamic calendar, Flight 800 was downed on 01 Rabi al-Awwal 1417.  Perhaps not merely coincidentally, 01 Rabi al-Awwal is also the annual National Day of the Islamic government of The Maldives.  If I were to research the official calendars of the "57 states" belonging to the Organization of Islamic States, I would probably find national holidays on all of them.  The date 01 Rabi al-Awwal is the start of the Islamic calendar.  It marks the Hijra -- the migration of Muhammed from Mecca to Medina.  To the devout Muslim, the Hijra would be an approximate equivalent of the Epiphany (the baptism of Jesus) to the devout Christian.

And, there is a definite message there.

The downing of TWA Flight 800 was, in the minds of Islamist terrorists, a "migration" of sorts.  The title of Cashill's book on the topic, First Strike, asserts that the missile strike was the actual beginning of a holy war against America.  All other attacks -- such as the 1993 vehicle bomb in the basement of the World Trade Center or the bombing of Philippene Airlines Flight 434 (which also affected the center fuel tank of a 747), both carried out by Ramzi Yousef (the understudy of Khalid Sheikh Muhammad) -- were merely "probe" attacks in preparation for the jihad.  And, given the dramatic increase in the severity of subsequent attacks, history has proven Cashill correct.

There is more -- much more -- to this connect-the-dots view of Islamist war against America.  For example, just prior to the downing of Flight 800 was the attack on the Khobar Towers barracks complex in Saudi Arabia (25 June 1996; 08 Safar 1417).  The Saudis were viewed by the Islamist radicals as double-minded for hosting the Americans that had attacked Iraq.  So, just like their counterparts 1380 years earlier, on the same date (08 Safar, at the Battle of Siffin), the Islamists attacked those that they considered to be "impure" Muslims.  And, if I can come up with this information while typing a blog (for free, I might add) in my home-office, imagine what I might discover if the government actually hired me to use my military experience to do this type of analysis full-time to prevent such attacks.

Then again, it might not work out if they "can't handle the truth"*.  For example, the government claims there is absolutely nothing suspicious about the sudden crash of an Alabama Air National Guard F-16 fighter on 11 Sep 2002.  The cause of the crash was a jet engine turbine blade that suddenly came loose during flight.  The crash and fire were made worse because the pilot could not jettison his external fuel tanks -- due to a faulty control switch that can only be accessed by removing the control panel inside the cockpit.  The switch had been routinely checked not long before the crash.  There is no evidence of sabotage -- because the unit commander never called in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) or the FBI to augment the crash investigation.  (The official crash report says so, and I have a copy.)  The jet belonged to the same unit as a young lieutenant named George W. Bush three decades prior.  That same unit, on the same day as the crash, did a flyover of the Alabama State Capitol to comemorate the "9-11" attacks.  Of course, the date and the unit are all "mere coincidence", and any talk of sabotage is merely "right-wing conspiracy mongering".  Right?  Of course, right -- just like it was "not an act of terrorism" when a Muslim college student suddenly drove his car onto a sidewalk and ran over more than a dozen fellow students ... while shouting anti-Israel slogans.  A mere coincidence -- just like when Flight 800 blew up all by itself ... on one of the highest dates on the Islamic calendar.

Mere coincidence, or are all these calendar anniversries the smoking guns of Islam?


*  Of course, one way to avoid being suddenly fired for telling the truth about Islamist terrorism is for me to get elected to Congress.  Hmmmmmm.

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