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What is Obama hiding about his draft registration?

Wednesday, 10 September 2008, at 2100 hours
Central Time -- Nashville, Tennessee, USA

This past Sunday, on the ABC-TV News program "This Week with George Stephanopoulos", presidential candidate Senator Barack Hussein Obama lied about his registration for the Selective Service.  This was reported in the previous edition of The Crossbow.  But, information has now been discovered that shows the lie goes deeper than previously reported.

This writer was invited to be a call-in guest on today's edition of The Michael DelGiorno Show, heard "live and local" on Nashville's SuperTalk station, WWTN-FM.  The topic was the report noted above.  At first, the host seemed dismissive of the report, almost defending Obama for "a bad recollection" of the date so long ago.  (Click to hear the three-minute audio clip of the interview.)  But, despite numerous interruptions, which dragged out my presentation, I was able to get the host to see the real problem with the purported "facts" of the candidate's story.  (Michael can't seem to help himself.  He interrupts his co-host, Gwen Freeman, constantly.  Listeners chide him for it daily.  He admits to drinking too much Red Bull before the program.)

The problem is multi-fold.  First, if candidate Obama really did seriously consider joining the military -- as an "enobling" career option (the military topic is the final minute of this five-minute ABC-TV video) -- then why is it that he never mentions it in two autobiographies?  Second, even though it has been a long time, couldn't Senator Obama remember whether he was in high school or college when he "had to" register?  (The reality is that he did not "have to" in 1979, when he claimed to have done it.)  But, even if Obama did register for the Selective Service, could there be other problems with his story?

Oh, yes.

One question stands above all.  If he did not have a valid birth certificate, then how did he register?  So far, despite numerous reporter inquiries, the Obama presidential campaign has not released a verified birth certificate.  Given that there is an iron-clad requirement in the Constitution for a presidential candidate to be a "natural-born citizen", one would think that the Obama campaign would be eager to reveal his birth certificate and thus put the question behind them.  The Crossbow has submitted a request to the Obama campaign's media department for copies of both the birth certificate and the Selective Service registration certificate.

Bob Owens, writing on 12 August 2008 for Pajamas Media, claimed that his column "puts to rest another rumor claiming Obama is ineligible for the presidency".  The Crossbow finds that the information does the opposite.  Owens cites a FOIA request that revealed Barack Hussein Obama's registration number and date of registration.  The column cites Presidential Proclamation 4771, dated 02 July 1980 (see Page 7 of this official compilation of the Military Selective Service Act).  Section 1-103 of the Proclamation requires men born in 1961 (as Obama was) to register during the week beginning on Monday, 28 July 1980.  But, according to Owens' column, the young Barack Hussein Obama did not register until 04 September of that year.  Thus, even while giving the appearance of being a good citizen, Barack Hussein Obama was in violation of the law.  To clarify this issue (and to verify the Pajamas Media column, which did not provide a copy of the SSS registration certificate), The Crossbow has submitted a request directly to the Obama campaign for a copy of that certificate.

Some might write off the registration delay to youthful distractions, especially given Obama's autobiographical admissions of illegal drug use during his college years.  (If he remembered to write about drug use, then why did he not remember to write about considering an "enobling" career in the military?)  But, what happened between June of 1979, when Obama graduated from high school, and September of 1980, when Obama registered for the draft?

As noted in the previous edition of The Crossbow, college-age radicals in Iran had taken over the American Embassy in Tehran, Iran.  And, given that Obama's main mentor in Hawaii during his teenage years was an organizer for the Communist Party of the USA, and given that mentor Frank Davis was involved in meetings with Communist activists from other countries -- including Iran -- the previous edition asked whether it was possible that a young BHO might have met and befriended a college radical named Mahmoud Ahmedi-Nejad.  With that question in mind, and considering that Operation Eagle Claw (the failed American commando raid into Iran to rescue the hostages) had taken place in April of 1980, might that event have given young Barack Hussein Obama pause with regard to military draft registration?  (NOTE:  Because of my military dutes, I have very specific recollections of certain aspects of the Iranian hostage crisis.)

But, even if Obama's delay in registering for the Selective Service System had no nefarious motive, do the facts known so far present any other problems?  Once again, the unfortunate answer is "yes".

Assuming that the Owens report of the registration in September of 1980 is accurate, there remains a question of location.  At that time, young BHO was attending Occidental College in Los Angeles, California.  But, the registration was in Hawaii.  So, who filled out the registration?  And, what document was shown?  And, given that the very purpose of Selective Service registration is so that a young man can be located and then inducted into the military, was Obama's registration in Hawaii a subtle way to avoid any impending draft?  (Keep in mind that President Jimmy Carter -- the same one that had pardoned the draft dodgers -- reinstituted the draft shortly after the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union.)  Logic tells us that, if Obama was living in Los Angeles, and the registration was done in Hawaii (during the beginning of his college semester), then either:  a) Obama could afford to jet-set around to conduct routine errands, or b) he had someone else fill out the paperwork for him.  If the former, then he is too foolish with money to be qualified as president.  If the latter, then he violated the law in order to shirk military service.  Either way, Barack Hussein Obama has no business becoming the next president of the United States.


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