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Tom Kovach lives near Nashville, is a former USAF Blue Beret, and has written for several online publications. In December of 2006, he published his first book, Slingshot. Tom's second book, Tribulation: 2008, was released in August of 2008.

Tom is also
an inventor, a horse wrangler, a certified paralegal, and a former network talk-show host. (He would like to lauch another talk show -- perhaps on your station.)

One highlight of Tom's career in the Air Force was serving on a protection detail for US President Ronald Reagan. Tom has also run for Congress (and might run again).

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Friday, 26 September 2008, at 2055 hours
Central Time -- Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Has NASA confirmed the coming Tribulation?

My recently-released book, Tribulation:  2008, discusses a phenomenon that our government's National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) calles Near-Earth Objects (NEOs).  Among the NEOs, there is one type called a Near-Earth Asteroid (NEA).  Scientists at NASA have a special program that watches for NEAs, which could strike the Earth and cause damage.  This scenario was dramtized in a popular Hollywood movie called Deep Impact.

According to the NASA program office that scans the universe for dangerous NEAs, there is an asteroid orbiting our solar system that could strike the Earth in the year 2014.

NASA image of SV-11 orbit

NASA image of NEA designated SV-11 shows orbit intersecting Earth

The above image was downloaded from the NASA program office page that tracks the NEA designated as 2008-SV-11.  It is an Apollo-class Near-Earth Asteroid, meaning that it is at least the size of an asteroid that passed near the Earth in the year 1862 and caused fear.  As the asteroid burned in the daytime sky, it was given the name Apollo after the ancient Greek god of the sun.

The potential for an impact with the Earth in the year 2014 is consistent with my analysis of Bible prophecy concerning the Tribulation -- the seven-year period of widespread turmoil and destruction that immediately precedes the return of Jesus the Christ.  Details of that analysis are the basis of my book.  Both the book, and a separate set of astronomical calculations -- by Mark Biltz, a Messianic Jewish pastor, who compared astronomical events with the feasts of the Hebrew Calendar -- suggest that the Tribulation will have been completed by late in the year 2015.  Pastor Biltz and I agree that the event which is the "official" start of the Tribulation is the blowing of the first of seven trumpets by angels in Heaven.  We also agree that the blowing of the first trumpet (described in Revelation 8:7 of the Holy Bible) will coincide with this year's Hebrew Feast of Trumpets.  That feast takes place this coming Monday, the 29th of September.  It is marked by the sighting of the New Moon as the sun sets.

As the seven-year Tribulation progresses, destruction on Earth increases.  The Book of Revelation describes several sightings of "stars" that fall from heaven.  The different "stars" (which could technically be asteroids or comets) have different effects.  When the first trumpet sounds, "fire mingled with blood" falls from the sky.  As my book explains, this could be a case of a "dirty comet" passing through the Earth's atmosphere.  A comet is made of ice crystals mixed with "space dust" of various elements.  If that dust includes a high concentration of iron, for example, then ice melting as a comet passes through the Earth's atmosphere (thus developing a fireball from the friction) would resemble "fire mingled with blood".

Are there any indications in the Bible that this NEA discovery is actually linked to the desctruction described therein?  It appears so.  In the ninth chapter of Revelation, a star falls from the sky.  That star is given "the key to the bottomless pit", and the pit is opened.  The designation of the asteroid is SV-11, and its class is Apollo.  In verse 11 of that chapter, an angel is released from the pit.  The angel's name is Apollyon, which means "Destroyer".  Could this be a mere coincidence?  Possibly, but I don't think so -- especially not when it follows, in precise chronological order, other events described just prior to that in the Bible.  And, I think it is also no accident that the verse reference is 9:11.  Those numbers harken another day of destruction.

Time will tell whether my analysis of the Bible is correct.  But, as one friend told me recently, "This is all too coincidental to be a coincidence."

Thursday, 25 September 2008, at 1352 hours
Central Time -- Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Obama -- tacky begets tacky

When it comes to the political issues and debates of the day, I play hardball.  As they say, "Politics is a full-contact sport."  However, I usually try to avoid ad hominem attacks.  (For those that graduated from a public school after 1980, "ad hominem" is a Latin phrase that means "against the man" or "against the person".)  And -- unlike some folks, in almost every level of politics -- I consider family members to be "off limits".  (Unless, like Geri Thompson or Michelle Obama, they jump into the arena with combat boots and evening gowns.)

Today, however, such an attack is deserved.

This commentary arises from news reports that a spokesman for the Barack Obama presidential campaign made a "tacky" remark about presidential rival John McCain.  Now, I'm no McCain supporter.  (Click here to learn more about Alan Keyes for president.)  But, I also believe that respect is due when respect is earned.  And, although I disagree with several of his policies, Senator John McCain deserves a lot of respect for enduring his POW experience in the Vietnam War.)  And, the people at the Obama campaign could use a few lessons on respect.

Read on.

The tacky remark had to do with Senator McCain's announcement that he would not participate in tomorrow evening's presidential debate unless the "financial rescue" plan had been resolved by Congress.  Although I believe that a Federal bailout of financial companies is tantamount to Socialism, I still give McCain a nod for putting (or, at least, appearing to put) his country above his campaign.

But... the Obama campaign came up with a comment that McCain was avoiding the debate because "he has trouble multi-tasking".  Oooooooh...  Besides being a broadside slap against our senior citizens, the tacky remark revealed an Achilles heel of the Obama campaign.  Given that most of his Leftist support comes from the "I loathe the military" wing of the Democratic Party, it appears to this writer that nobody in the Obama campaign has any clue how much multi-tasking goes on inside the cockpit of a fighter jet.  (For the willfully ignorant, Senator McCain was a Navy fighter pilot in the Vietnam War.  He was shot down over North Vietnam, and endured several years of captivity that included torturous interrogations.)

Cockpit of an F-4 Phantom fighter jet

Cockpit of an F-4 Phantom fighter jet.

(Besides flying, the pilot has to fight a war from in there!)

The closest that I've come to that was flying a few times in the F-4 simulator when I worked at Link Flight Simulation.  (I didn't do that well, even though I did make a survivable night landing at "virtual" Luke AFB in Arizona.  I was much better at flying the helicopter simulators -- to the point that I bought a log book.)  This is difficult for a "grunt" to admit, but those fighter pilots earn their pay.  And, for that reason, they deserve our respect.

Which leads to this.

Hey, I didn't come up with it.  Someone sent it to me in one of those forwarded e-mails.

But, hey, it certainly fits in this case.

So, if the shoe fits, wear it ... Senator Obama.

Scroll down just a little more.

Some people will do anything to get elected --

even putting style before substance.

Obama catching the Palin popularity wave

Obama catching the Palin popularity wave

Senator Obama, if you can't take it, then don't dish it out.

And, please, don't have your underlings hack my blog again, as they did to Gov. Palin's e-mail.

Tacky begets tacky.

Beware the Bush bailout

A couple of days ago, my good friend -- truck-driving blogger, and fellow talk-radio junkie, "Transporter" -- said it very well, "Welcome to the USSA."  And, last night, President Bush confirmed it.  Although the president certainly didn't use these words, the fact remains that -- if his plan is enacted -- the United States will essentially become a Socialist country.

Perhaps you're thinking, "That's impossible, this is America!"  Wake up and take a look around.  This is not the America that was designed by the Founders of the Constitution.  This has become, by the steady and determined collusion of the Big Two political parties, a land of government entitlements.  Or, as we used to say in the Air Force, "The Land of the Big BX".

Perhaps you're thinking, "That's impossible, I voted Republican!"  Wake up and take a look around.  The Republican Party, especially at its highest levels, does not even follow its own platform.  Consider, as one example, the fact that former GOP chairman Halley Barbour later became a paid spokesman for Planned Parenthood, even though he headed the "pro-life" Republican Party.  Consider, as another example, the waffling ill-logic of so-called "conservative" (but, in reality) globalist, CFR member Fred Thompson.  If you are a Constitutional conservative, but still a member of the Republican Party, then you really need to wake up and smell the "Kool-Aid" before it's too late!

Most taxpayers will never get an opportunity to learn anything but the highlights of the bailout plan.  Why?  Because they are too busy working -- and paying taxes -- to read the details.  Last night's televised speech by President Bush contained "one little detail" that is a Poison Pill for anyone thinking about trying to work themselves up and out of the economic lobster tank.

That detail was Federal Reserve oversight.  When I heard him speak the words, my jaw dropped.  My wife looked at me, and asked, "What's wrong?"  I was beyond words to explain it, and knew that I would need to sit down and type this column.  The Bush bailout plan, as bad as it is, contains a hidden element that is even worse.  You see, there is nothing to directly connect a bailout -- or, as President Bush called it, a "rescue" -- to any oversight by the Federal Reserve.  Consider the president's analogy of a "rescue".  After a firefighter rescues a person from a burning house, does he later go live with the family for awhile to make sure that they are living safely?  If the president gets this detail enacted into law, then expect the entire company of firemen to take up residence ... and, dictate to you what will be on the menu at each meal.

Here are President Bush's own words.  Keep in mind that, only a few weeks ago, he forcefully chided the American sheeple by stating, "We are not in a recession."  But, last night, with as much drama this time as swagger the last time, he opined, "We're in the midst of a serious financial crisis..."  The problem is that the crisis has been brewing for ten years!  (Caused by President Clinton's mandates to provide home loans to illegal aliens.  Some of us warned Americans when he was elected that Clinton's "legacy" would be a Socialist America.  Few listened then.)  How, then, did Bush go from "not a recession" to a "serious financial crisis" in about a month?  (In the seventh paragraph of his speech, President Bush plainly says that the crisis has been brewing for "more than a decade".  Didn't that decade include last month?!)  Back in the days of the Soviet Union, the Russian people had a saying when the newspaper arrived:  "New lies for old."

In the 25th paragraph of President Bush's speech (long after most dumbed-down sheeple have changed the TV channel to feed their sports addiction), we discover that, "For example, the Federal Reserve would be authorized to take a closer look at the operations of companies across the financial spectrum and ensure that their practices do not threaten overall financial stability."  Oh, really?!  What, exactly, does "take a closer look" really mean?  And, who decides what is a threat to overall financial stability?  Puh-lease don't tell me that the same people who put us into this crisis, and then said there was no crisis, will be the ones to decide whether someone else is a threat to financial stability!

If you own a small business, then perhaps your company's very existence could someday be considered to "threaten overall financial stability" -- even if you voted Republican the last time.  (And, if you don't believe me, then consider all of the "strawberries" that Stalin planted in his "fields".  If you don't know what that means, then read a history book!  Otherwise, you could end up as a "useful idiot" for tyranny in Amerika!)  If you are a labor organizer, then perhaps your activites could someday be considered to "threaten overall financial stability".  If you are a housewife, and don't use a government-approved recipe, then perhaps you could someday be considered to "threaten overall financial stability".  (Oh, so you don't believe me?  Well, who gets to write the definition?  Oh, yeah -- the people that put the hole in the boat to begin with!)

As readers can see, this column equally bashes Republicans and Democrats, because both are equally responsible for the mess into which they have dragged the rest of us.  What, then, is the solution?  I tried to tell people, months ago, that the solution could be found in the collective wisdom of my 'dream team' for the White House.  But, as long as the American sheeple are stuck in the rut of only voting for "the Ds and the Rs", then we will continue to get more of the mess that they have dumped upon us.

Only when the politicians fear two things -- their own unemployment, or an armed revolt -- will they become "bound by the chains of the Constitution", as the Founders had intended.  That is why the Founders wisely put only a two-year term on the House of Representatives.  And, in case the "revolution at the ballot box" somehow failed to clean the House completely, they also wisely put the right to keep and bear arms into the Bill of Rights as an insurance policy against lying politicians and fraudulent elections.  (So... how did we get into this mess?)

Of course, there is one other way that Americans can ensure that our elected officials will obey the Constitution.  It's so simple that many people refuse to see it.  We need to elect people that have already promised to obey the Constitution; and, who have demonstrated by their actions that they will keep that promise.  Where do we find such people?  How about in a political party where one must take such a pledge in order to even become a member?  If the process of filtering begins -- quite logically -- at the beginning, then we can have a reasonable expectation that the "final product" candidates of that political party are actually serious about the Constitution.  (As compared to, for example, our current president, who thinks that the Constitution is merely, "... a God-d---ed piece of paper!")  Americans need to invest a little time, effort, and -- yes -- money into a new political party that understands it is better to avoid shooting holes in the boat than it is to develop a bailout plan.

Fortunately for most of America, a few of us have already been digging the foundation.  And, recently, we began putting up the framework.  So, that new political party is already taking shape.  It is called America's Independent Party.  You should click the link and join it right now.

And, you should beware of Bush's bailout plan.

Friday, 12 September 2008, at 0127 hours
Central Time -- Nashville, Tennessee, USA

A recipe for "The Ultimate 'Anchor Baby'"

Some people just don't understand politics, until they read a recipe.

Into a bowl of gullibility, pre-warmed in Hawaii, start with one Guilty White Liberal egg, beat in some Angry Black Radical sperm, leaven with Islamist fervor, transfer it to Kenya to be well-kneaded (and then secretly return it to Hawaii), and then cover the mixture for several years with a forged birth certificate.

Separate out the influence of the foreign Muslim father from Africa.  Mix in the influence a foreign Muslim stepfather from Indonesia.

Remove the mixture entirely from American concepts of justice, and toss it into the world's most populated Islamic country -- Indonesia -- where the government still sends in the army to slaughter entire provinces (remember East Timor?) for the crime of being Christian.  Allow the mixture to generate its own heat until it begins to rise.  Add half-siblings to taste, and keep in a Muslim school for several years until it begins to take form.

Take the warm mixture, return it to Hawaii, and then remove the Indonesian stepfather's influence.  Replace it with a Black mentor that is a Communist Party organizer.  Mix it up again, using drugs as needed.

Add two heaping measures of Communist underground networking during adolescence.  (One measure from Hawaii, and one measure from Chicago.)

Spice it up with a blend of "Mansourian"* anti-Semitism and Black separatism.  (Thanks to Jack Cashill for the new word.)

Temporarily transfer the mixture to Los Angeles, adding fruits and nuts to taste.

Send the mixture to New York for the addition of locally-flavored United Nations globalism.

Moisten well by pouring in Arab oil money.

Mix again for several years at Harvard Law School.

Allow to chill in Chicago for awhile until the dough settles in.

Place on a higher shelf at the State Legislature until a hard shell forms.

Package it up, and send it to the United States Senate for final preparation.

Slather the final product with sticky campaign contributions, and then sprinkle "liberally" with contacts.

Put it in a fancier package, and send it to the 2004 Democratic Party national convention.  There, place it under a warm spotlight until it rises to several times its original height.

Allow it to bask in the spotlight until it begins to negotiate with the leaders of Islamist terror-sponsoring nations.

Then, place it in the White House, and let the country partake of it until we all become deathly sick.

That is the recipe for the ultimate "anchor baby" -- an illegal alien that is smuggled into our country from Kenya, illegally bypasses the requirements of our Constitution, becomes president of the United States under our very noses, and then gives away the country to our enemies.

No wonder that Jack Cashill referred to Barack Obama as "The Mansourian Candidate".

That's a great tag line.  I like and respect Jack.  But, I think it's a lot easier for voters to remember to think of prsidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama as "the ultimate anchor baby".

Will conservative voters get active and do anything to "abort" this nightmare scenario?

Wednesday, 10 September 2008, at 2100 hours
Central Time -- Nashville, Tennessee, USA

What is Obama hiding about his draft registration?

This past Sunday, on the ABC-TV News program "This Week with George Stephanopoulos", presidential candidate Senator Barack Hussein Obama lied about his registration for the Selective Service.  This was reported in the previous edition of The Crossbow.  But, information has now been discovered that shows the lie goes deeper than previously reported.

This writer was invited to be a call-in guest on today's edition of The Michael DelGiorno Show, heard "live and local" on Nashville's SuperTalk station, WWTN-FM.  The topic was the report noted above.  At first, the host seemed dismissive of the report, almost defending Obama for "a bad recollection" of the date so long ago.  (Click to hear the three-minute audio clip of the interview.)  But, despite numerous interruptions, which dragged out my presentation, I was able to get the host to see the real problem with the purported "facts" of the candidate's story.  (Michael can't seem to help himself.  He interrupts his co-host, Gwen Freeman, constantly.  Listeners chide him for it daily.  He admits to drinking too much Red Bull before the program.)

The problem is multi-fold.  First, if candidate Obama really did seriously consider joining the military -- as an "enobling" career option (the military topic is the final minute of this five-minute ABC-TV video) -- then why is it that he never mentions it in two autobiographies?  Second, even though it has been a long time, couldn't Senator Obama remember whether he was in high school or college when he "had to" register?  (The reality is that he did not "have to" in 1979, when he claimed to have done it.)  But, even if Obama did register for the Selective Service, could there be other problems with his story?

Oh, yes.

One question stands above all.  If he did not have a valid birth certificate, then how did he register?  So far, despite numerous reporter inquiries, the Obama presidential campaign has not released a verified birth certificate.  Given that there is an iron-clad requirement in the Constitution for a presidential candidate to be a "natural-born citizen", one would think that the Obama campaign would be eager to reveal his birth certificate and thus put the question behind them.  The Crossbow has submitted a request to the Obama campaign's media department for copies of both the birth certificate and the Selective Service registration certificate.

Bob Owens, writing on 12 August 2008 for Pajamas Media, claimed that his column "puts to rest another rumor claiming Obama is ineligible for the presidency".  The Crossbow finds that the information does the opposite.  Owens cites a FOIA request that revealed Barack Hussein Obama's registration number and date of registration.  The column cites Presidential Proclamation 4771, dated 02 July 1980 (see Page 7 of this official compilation of the Military Selective Service Act).  Section 1-103 of the Proclamation requires men born in 1961 (as Obama was) to register during the week beginning on Monday, 28 July 1980.  But, according to Owens' column, the young Barack Hussein Obama did not register until 04 September of that year.  Thus, even while giving the appearance of being a good citizen, Barack Hussein Obama was in violation of the law.  To clarify this issue (and to verify the Pajamas Media column, which did not provide a copy of the SSS registration certificate), The Crossbow has submitted a request directly to the Obama campaign for a copy of that certificate.

Some might write off the registration delay to youthful distractions, especially given Obama's autobiographical admissions of illegal drug use during his college years.  (If he remembered to write about drug use, then why did he not remember to write about considering an "enobling" career in the military?)  But, what happened between June of 1979, when Obama graduated from high school, and September of 1980, when Obama registered for the draft?

As noted in the previous edition of The Crossbow, college-age radicals in Iran had taken over the American Embassy in Tehran, Iran.  And, given that Obama's main mentor in Hawaii during his teenage years was an organizer for the Communist Party of the USA, and given that mentor Frank Davis was involved in meetings with Communist activists from other countries -- including Iran -- the previous edition asked whether it was possible that a young BHO might have met and befriended a college radical named Mahmoud Ahmedi-Nejad.  With that question in mind, and considering that Operation Eagle Claw (the failed American commando raid into Iran to rescue the hostages) had taken place in April of 1980, might that event have given young Barack Hussein Obama pause with regard to military draft registration?  (NOTE:  Because of my military dutes, I have very specific recollections of certain aspects of the Iranian hostage crisis.)

But, even if Obama's delay in registering for the Selective Service System had no nefarious motive, do the facts known so far present any other problems?  Once again, the unfortunate answer is "yes".

Assuming that the Owens report of the registration in September of 1980 is accurate, there remains a question of location.  At that time, young BHO was attending Occidental College in Los Angeles, California.  But, the registration was in Hawaii.  So, who filled out the registration?  And, what document was shown?  And, given that the very purpose of Selective Service registration is so that a young man can be located and then inducted into the military, was Obama's registration in Hawaii a subtle way to avoid any impending draft?  (Keep in mind that President Jimmy Carter -- the same one that had pardoned the draft dodgers -- reinstituted the draft shortly after the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union.)  Logic tells us that, if Obama was living in Los Angeles, and the registration was done in Hawaii (during the beginning of his college semester), then either:  a) Obama could afford to jet-set around to conduct routine errands, or b) he had someone else fill out the paperwork for him.  If the former, then he is too foolish with money to be qualified as president.  If the latter, then he violated the law in order to shirk military service.  Either way, Barack Hussein Obama has no business becoming the next president of the United States.

Monday, 08 September 2008, at 1108 hours
Central Time -- Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Obama lied about draft registration

United States Senator and presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama, in an interview yesterday with ABC News political correspondent George Stephanopoulos, on his program This Week, lied about his registration for the Selective Service military draft.  This is only the latest in a series of falsehoods and outright lies by Senator Obama and his campaign.  But, knowing that his name means 'crooked', does this move actually surprise anyone?  And, could this latest lie be an attempt to mask something even more sinister in Obama's past ... or America's future?

The interview took place "from the campaign trail" in Terre Haute, Indiana.  Stephanopoulos asked a question from a woman viewer from Georgia.  The question was whether Senator Obama had ever considered military service; and, if not, why.

"You know, I actually did," the senator answered, with a tone indicating that he thought this revelation might shock people.  Calming down a bit (see for yourself in this ABC News video interview segment), Senator Obama continued, "I had to sign up for Selective Service when I graduated from high school."

There is only one problem.  In the Spring of 1979, there was no requirement for Selective Service registration.  That requirement had been curtailed in March of 1975 by President Gerald Ford as the military brought back troops from the Vietnam War.  (I was keenly aware of that presidential action.  As a senior in high school at that time, I had come of age expecting to serve in Vietnam.  The week before President Ford ended the requirement for draft registration, I had signed my "delayed enlistment" papers for the Air Force.  I missed a day of classes to go out of town for my military induction physical examination.)

Those of us that lived through the post-Vietnam "drawdown" of our military (that was the trendy name for what we now call "downsizing") remember that the late 1970s was a tough time to get into the military.  The administration of President Jimmy Carter was characterized by high rates of unemployment, "double-digit inflation", exhorbitant loan-interest rates, and military pay rates so low that large portions of our American enlisted troops became eligible for food stamps.  (I was not a parent at that time.  Had I been, then I would've been eligible ... as a Sergeant!)  That was the economic and cultural climate at the time that young "Barry" Obama -- who came from a family that could afford to live in Hawaii and send him to Harvard -- was purportedly considering military service.

But, wait, there's more.

Explaining his purported thought processes from that time, Sen. Barack Hussein Obama continued, "But, keep in mind, I graduated in 1979.  The Vietnam War had come to an end.  We weren't engaged in an active ... uh ... uh ... military conflict at that point.  So, it's not an option that I ever decided to persue."  (His very telling pauses are a signature trait that talk-radio hosts Michael DelGiorno and Gwen Freeman have nicknamed "the Obama comma".)  So, the candidate claims that he did not join the military because there was no war.  But, he simultaneously claims that, even though there was no war, there was a requirement to register for the draft.

Oh, really?

For starters, there was no mandatory military draft registration at the time that Obama graduated from high school.  In fact, during the late 1970s, there was some discussion about whether the Selecitve Service would be abolished altogether.  Why?  Well, for one, there was the new concept of the "all-volunteer military".  That was born out of frustration by military leaders in Vietnam, who sometimes got lackluster performance from draftees that claimed, "I never signed up for this."  Also, as those of us patriots from the Vietnam generation will vividly recall, President Jimmy Carter had already pardoned all the "draft dodgers" that fled from America to avoid military service.  With a legal precedent for a presidential pardon from any penalties for draft dodging, questions arose regarding whether there was any point to keeping the Selective Service alive without teeth.

But, then...

At approximately noon Eastern Time (here in America) on Sunday, the 4th of November 1979, hundreds of college-age radicals stormed the American Embassy in Tehran, Iran.  Using firearms and firebombs, the purported 'students' overwhelmed the Marine Corps embassy security detachment.  (There is reason to believe that the Marines had been under orders to not fire on civilians.  That policy likely enabled the Iranians to take over the embassy.  As I wrote in December of 2003, after the fact had been declassified, the Marines stationed as peacekeepers in Beirut, Lebanon, in October of 1983 had been prohibited by their field commander from having a magazine in their rifle while guarding the USMC compound.  The seconds required for a Marine sentry to pull the magazine from its belt pouch, load it into the rifle, jack a round into the chamber, take the selector lever off "Safe", and begin firing were the seconds that cost the lives of 283 Marines in their barracks.)

So, at the time when Barack Obama graduated from high school, the United States had been engaged in a long-running "Cold War" with several Communist countries.  In early February of 1979, right during the time when Obama would've been considering his post-graduation plans, the Islamic Revolution booted Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi from the Peacock Throne of Iran, and installed the Ayatollah Khomeini as leader of that country.  (I remember that day well.  It was the first day of my combat training.  And, because I spoke a little Farsi -- from having befriended members of the Royal Iranian Air Force -- there was reason to expect that I could be sent on a "forward" assignment to Iran.)  Although the embassy takeover did not occur until several months later, it was openly discussed from the beginning that the Iranian Revolution could lead to a confrontation between Iran and the United States.  Keep in mind that Ayatollah Khomeini was the man that coined the nickname "The Great Satan" for the United States.

A few years before Obama graduated from high school, there was an event that came to be known as "the second Cuban missile crisis".  American strategic B-52 bombers, using an innovative technique in order to double as reconnaissance aircraft, took aerial photographs of Soviet freighters carrying missiles into Cuba.  (The bomber that took the photo that became front-page news came from the base where I was stationed at that time.)  The situation was resolved diplomatically, but was yet another example of Cold War toe-to-toe stress with Communsit nations.  Also during the late 1970s, American troops clearing vegetation along the border between North Korea and South Korea were attacked and killed by North Korean troops.  (Not to mention several sparsely-reported Special Operations missions to close North Korean tunnels into South Korea.)  All of this was a part of Barack Obama's high school years.

President Jimmy Carter, during his last year in office, reinstituted the military draft in early 1980.  Why?  Because it became apparent that the Islamist threat was not going away.  Military and intelligence analysts saw that a full-scale war with Iran might become possible.  The embassy hostage crisis in Tehran spawned the ABC-TV news program Nightline, whose nightly reminders of the number of days of the crisis (444) were an ongoing embarassment to President Carter.

So, although there was no military draft when Barack Obama graduated high school, the draft was reinstated as Obama began his college years.  Did this purportedly patriotic young man put off his college to take up arms to defend against a possible Islamist terror threat?  Nope.  Why?

Keep in mind that, during his formative years, Barack Obama was influenced by "father figure" Frank Marshall Davis -- who was involved in anti-American activities by the Communist Party of the USA.  (This is heavily documented by journalist Cliff Kincaid.)  Part of those activites involved telegrams and meetings with college-age Communists from ... Iran.  (Using FOIA requests, Kincaid has amassed FBI surveillance documents that prove this point.)  Given that Barack Hussein Obama was born to a Muslim father, raised by a Socialist mother that converted to Islam at some point between bearing two children to two different fathers, was heavily influenced by a Muslim step-father while they lived in the Muslim country of Indonesia, and was influenced by a Communist activist (hand-picked by Barack's maternal grandfather to be a "father figure" for Barack), is it any wonder that Senator Barack Hussein Obama has never publicly renounced Islam or Communism?

And, if it is true that Obama registered for the draft, then where is the birth certificate that was used to perform such registration?  (During the high unemployment of the Jimmy Carter years, the military stopped accepting anyone without a high-school diploma, or any number of other questionable points in their background.  The lack of a birth certificate -- at least, one that was not forged -- would've become an instant barrier to Selective Service registration.)

So, why did Barack Obama claim to have "had to" register for the military draft if it was not true?  And, why didn't Barack Obama join the military -- especially if he knew that it would "look good on a resume" for any future political ambitions?  And, why hasn't he publicly renounced Islam?  (Middle East scholar Daniel Pipes has already shown that Obama lied to cover up his childhood association with Islam.)  Speaking of childhood associations, did young Barack ever accompany Frank Davis to any Communist meetings with Iranian college radicals?  (And, if so, did he ever befriend Mahmoud Ahmedi-Nejad at those meetings?)  Obama's associations -- with Islam, with Communism, and with anti-American activities; and, his ongoing attempts to cover up those associations -- cause one to wonder what plans Barack Obama has when he claims a desire to "change" America.  (For details on the meaning of Obama's "plans for a 58th" state, see my new book, Tribulation:  2008.)

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