Tom Kovach -- author

Tom has written a variety of columns -- including investigative --
for several online publications.

Tom is a member of the Military Writer's Society of America.

Tom's signature series is called Short Bursts.
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Tom also has a number of local Nashville letters published by:


Tom's first book, Slingshot, went into national release in December of 2006.
The book is a collection of some of his best columns -- along with "insider" notes,
and even some poetry (especially cowboy poetry) and song lyrics.

In addition to his insightful non-fiction work, Tom is also skilled at script writing.
If you are an agent or producer, Tom has a sample script available.
(It is a two-part episode of the now-defunct TV series JAG.)
Tom has also done significant research on a little-known facet of American history.
One of his writing goals is a Western movie script, based upon his research. If it is ever produced,
it will be one of the most historically-accurate movies (especially Westerns) ever filmed.

In addition, Tom is working on an autobiography called Five Smooth Stones.

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