Tom Kovach -- archive of City Paper letters

Tom's letters to the
Nashville City Paper.

  1. 14 Aug 2003: Media should seek truth on Flight 800

  2. 04 Sep 2003: Some priests are already married

  3. 26 Sep 2003: Subsidy problems affect U.S. farmers

  4. 01 Dec 2003: Bill Press should be mindful of strategy (about the news coverage of military coffins arriving from Iraq)

  5. 25 Jun 2004: Background music hits new level
    (I was just "sounding off" in this one!)

  6. 08 Jul 2004: Matters of opinion [two topics]

  7. 30 Sep 2004: No stealth in this [Peroutka's presidential] campaign

  8. 29 Oct 2004: Voters, press both have responsibilities

  9. 11 Feb 2005: Ups and downs of state politics [John Ford]

  10. 14 Feb 2005: Education proposals lack true vision

  11. 13 Jul 2005: Media definition of 'hero' faulty (Compares whistleblowers in the Valerie Plame case to whistleblowers in the Flight 800 case.)

  12. 15 Nov 2005: Dangerous precedent (Details the vote of Jim Cooper to add "sexual orientation" to the list of categories protected by Federal hate crime legislation.)

  13. 15 Dec 2005: TennCare loopholes [inside info]

  14. 23 Jan 2006: Ophelia Ford out of line

  15. 24 Mar 2006: Nice response, Bredesen. (Congratulating our Democratic governor for the way that he stood up to healthcare demonstrators, who clogged our downtown streets.)

  16. 08 May 2006: Bryson: baked or fried? (Standing up for State Senator Jim Bryson, who is running for governor, against unfair "piling on" from the City Paper.)

  17. 08 Jun 2006: Brooks provides good model (Supporting the recent appointment of Kay Brooks, a home-schooling mom, to fill a vacancy on the Metro School Board.)

  18. 10 Jan 2007: Bordering on insanity Chastising certain local lawyers, who claim that illegal aliens do not constitute a "threat".

  19. Wed, 13 Jun 2007: "Count the ripples" -- Shows the "ripple effect" of student-upon-adult school violence, in reply to a news story that the Nashville teachers' union now discourages members from volunteering in an unpaid status at schools.