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Why should you want Tom Kovach
as a talk-radio host, or a speaker for your group?

I have hosted talk-radio in the past (1993), and was a late-night DJ for awhile (1976, Armed Forces Radio); but, I am not a career radio person. Even so, I was a member of the National Association of Radio Talk-Show Hosts when I had a show on a small station in Upstate NY. My membersip was sponsored by Cameron Gray, who was producer of the G. Gordon Liddy Show at that time. (I wrote the very first spoof theme song for the Liddy show.)

I've done the things that usually qualify a person to be a talk-radio host. I ran for Congress (1994, NY-26; and, 2006, TN-05), and have written about a variety of topics, including terrorism (my specialty in the military), and related current events, aviation, politics, and human interest stories.

I've written for several online publications. I coined the phrases "Sham-800", "ultimate anchor baby", and "homonausea" (during a 1994 Congressional candidate debate against Maurice Hinchey in a lecture hall at SUNY New Paltz).

Like two of the most popular national hosts (Gordon Liddy and Oliver North), my "claim to fame" is that I have "been there, done that". (And, of course, I have some good stories! I can also line up some great guests.)

I've also written some song lyrics in response to the "9/11" attacks. Those lyrics are included in my 2006 book, Slingshot.

Thank you for your attention. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

I have also worked as a real-live wrangler on a couple of horse ranches.

(One of the ranches was featured on a popular TV program. The other ranch is often used for photos for album covers.)
In addition to caring for up to two dozen horses, I led trail rides, gave riding lessons, and participated in Wild West shows.
As a result, I've developed a storytelling and entertainment "persona" called Wrangler Tom.
I'm available for private parties, corporate meetings, sales celebrations, TV commercials, movies, etc.
(As well as riding lessons, round-ups, etc.)

Tom Kovach

To book Tom for a speaking engagement,
please contact the 1SG Agency.

1483 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., Ste. 210
Mount Juliet, TN 37122-3315

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