Tom Kovach -- 'The Ballad of the Liddy Brigade'

"The Ballad of the Liddy Brigade"

by Tom Kovach

to the melody of

"The Ballad the Green Berets"

by the late Barry Sadler
Staff Sgt., US Army, Special Forces

NOTE: This song, submitted in 1993, was the genesis of what has now become the show's annual song contest.

Fighting liberals, on the air.
Here's a man who has no hair.
He speaks his mind, and he'll let you...
if you call his talk-show, too.

In Watergate, he wouldn't talk.
His silence made the Congress balk.
So, they put him in the Federal pen.
But, look out now! He's out again!

Yes, Gordon Liddy's on the air.
Call his talk-show, if you dare!
The liberals think they've got it made.
But, they can't stop the Liddy Brigade!

(Slowly, with feeling)

This year, some kids will graduate
whom liberals tried to indoctrinate.
But, their education starts today;
'cause they just joined the Liddy Brigade.

(Upbeat, with pride)

Silver headphones on their ears.
Their presence causing liberals fears.
They worry that we'll vote someday.
Come on, join up! The Liddy Briga-a-ade....