Tom Kovach -- military career

US Air Force: Aug 1975 to Nov 1991

NOTE: I was on active duty two different times. The first from Aug 1975 until May 1985. The second from Apr 1989 until Nov 1991. The time in between, I was a "weekender" in the Air National Guard.

Distinguished Graduate: USAF Law Enforcement Academy

In addition to the above -- while working at the Link factory in civilian life (he was a "weekender" in the Air National Guard at the time) --
Tom logged 15 hours of flying full-phase helicopter simulators (Cobra and Blackhawk).
This included two Cobra "combat" missions. Tom was the only "non-pilot" in the facility that could land the difficult "Pinnacle" scenario.

Personal note: On my 41st parachute jump, I suffered a high-speed malfunction, and a severe spinal injury.
(The chest-mounted reserve deployed while I was in a "stable freefall" position. I was folded in half backwards at terminal velocity.)
I'm rated by the VA as 40% disabled, but can perform most tasks normally with minimal accommodation ('cuz I'm stubborn).

Since March, 2007, I've been a member of
Tennessee Chapter One of the group Rolling Thunder.

We were proud to be among the 25,000 that defended the Vietnam Wall from the radicals of Code Pink via the first Gathering of Eagles.

This is the actual rocket, in mid-flight,
before it entered the window of
the final hideout of Uday and Qusay Hussein.

PS: Many people have "lifted" photos such as this from various sites.
This photo came to me from the man that took it.

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