Our primary target market is fellow "Defenders" -- current and former Security Policemen of the US Air Force, who wear the distinctive blue beret. (But, this service is available to the general public.)

Blue Beret Travel is owned by Tom Kovach -- former staff sergeant, USAF Security Police (known as Security Forces since 1998). Tom is the inventor of the Kovach Klip military pistol-belt quick-extender. On Sunday, 11 May 1980, three weeks after Operation Eagle Claw, he captured an Iranian national (on US soil) that could have derailed the negotiations for the 52 Americans from the US Embassy that were being held hostage in Iran. Tom is also an actor on the TV drama series Nashville.

There are two ways to use this service: save money, and earn money.
See the instructions below. In both cases,
copy & paste this code number.


  1. Save money on travel, hotels, fun, etc. Begin saving $ by clicking this link (page will open in a new tab).
    • For pre-packaged discounts, use the "Dream Trips" button.
    • For customized discounts, use the "Book Other Travel" button.
    • Before you click either button, here is a tip on how to save even more money. You can get a discount by using this service. But, if you first click "become a member" (button is in the top bar of the Dream Trips page), and become a gold member, then you get a bigger discount and access to non-travel discounts (such as restaurants, online shopping, etc.). If you become a platinum member, then you get even bigger discounts! (But, to avoid unnecessary costs, platinum membership is recommended for only those that travel frequently.) Dream Trips membership is a one-time, up-front fee. The one-time $99 membership fee more than paid for itself the first time that Tom used it. (Tom saved $500 on a one-week trip for his daughter's university graduation.) In addition to the substantial discounts, Dream Trips members also save even more money by earning points that can be used on future trips.
  2. Earn money by helping others save money. If you like getting discounts, and if you want to help other people also get discounts, then you can become a representative. (One need not become a representative to get the discounts. You can remain a Dream Trips member, and use the service any time. But, you can only earn money by becoming a representative.) Wouldn't you want to share this advantage with your friends? Click this link to watch a three-minute video about the advantages of becoming a representative. If you like what you see, then click the "sign up" button at the top of the page (or, contact Tom Kovach).

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