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Haiti, Satan, Clinton, Obama ... Clinton and ... Satan

Sun, 11 Apr 2010

Starting in 1991, Bill Clinton was on a mission to get elected.... A mission from whom?

Tom Kovach (rhymes with "watch") lives near Nashville, is a former USAF Blue Beret, and has written for several online publications. He has written two books: Slingshot in 2006, and Tribulation: 2008 in late August of 2008. Tom is an inventor, a horse wrangler, a certified paralegal, and former network talk-show host. He has also run for Congress. To learn more, click: www.TomKovach.US.

NOTE: Even by my standards, this is a long column. If you can handle the truth, though, this will explain a lot of modern events.

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There is a historical connection that includes Haiti's pact with Satan, the election of Bill Clinton, the election of Barack Obama, the devastating Jan 2010 earthquake in Haiti, and Obama's appointment of Clinton as special envoy to Haiti.

12 Jan 2010 -- earthquake in Haiti
magnitude 7.0 is contained to capital-city area
source: Wikipedia

If the above seems outlandish to you, then you need to read some of my other columns in The Crossbow, along with my book Tribulation: 2008. More importantly, though, you need to read -- really read -- your Holy Bible. My book will teach you how to "rightly divide the Word of Truth". (You'll never even read a newspaper in the same old way.)

After the magnitude-7.0 earthquake that struck Haiti on 12 Jan 2010, the Leftist news media and blogosphere had a heyday poking fun at Pat Robertson for stating that the quake was caused by Haiti's pact with Satan. But, as it turns out, that pact is a well-documented fact. For example, this column was written more than five years before Robertson made that claim. The column cites Rev. Doug Anderson, who grew up in Haiti with missionary parents, and then became a missionary to Haiti himself. The column goes into significant detail about the history -- including the exact date -- of the pact with Satan.

days, dates, and data

Several years ago, one of my columns proved that dates are important to Islamist terrorists. I correctly predicted -- three months in advance, and with no other intelligence sources -- the date of a terror attack. I had also said that the attack would have a financial target, and it did: a bank. (I got the location wrong. But, the focus of that column was timing.)

Oddly, it was the research into the use of dates by Islamist terrorists that opened my eyes to see the importance of dates used by God throughout all of history. So, I learned to compare dates across the Gregorian, Hebrew, and Islamic calendars. Those comparisons were important to the research for Tribulation: 2008, and have been a part of my writing "toolbox" ever since.

With this background in mind, let's examine the links across time as they apply to the people named in the title of this column. They play key roles in history -- not only the history of the United States, but also the history of the entire world.

On 14 Aug 1791, in a ceremony conducted by Voodoo priests on a mountaintop in Haiti (now called Cap-Haitien -- a place with a couple of interesting geographic-spiritual connections, which we'll examine later in this column), rebel slaves sacrificed a black pig and drank its blood. They offered themselves and their nation to Satan, to serve him for 200 years, in return for freedom from the French that had colonized them. In the years shortly following that event, two things happened in rapid succession. The first is that France, which had colonized Haiti, culminated an anti-Christian revolution that produced waves of mass murders and a ceremony in which a prostitute was "coronated" as the Goddess of Reason at the altar of the Roman Catholic cathedral of Notre Dame (meaning "Our Lady", a reference to Mary the mother of Jesus) in Paris! (The prostitute's name was Désirée Candéille. Scroll about 40 percent down this large Web page, to the section called "The Death of God in France".) The second is that Haiti, which had prospered economically during its French colonial period, quickly devolved into the impoverished nation that it remains to this day. Coincidences? So, the obvious question might be: "What happened 200 years later?" That, however, begs the not-so-obvious question: "On which calendar?" Well, which calendar do you think Satan might be subject to?

On the surface, on the Gregorian (i.e.: Western Christian) calendar, not much seemed to be happening on 14 Aug 1991 -- the 200th anniversary of the Haitian pact. But, beneath the surface, we see that the stage was being set for several things that would have lasting effects later. One of those was a headline in the Washington Post that declared that the dust from the eruption of the Mount Pinatubo volcano in the Philippenes had caused the worldwide air temperature to cool by several degrees. That headline paved the way for the "climate change" argument now used by Obama and the Democrats -- so that, no matter whether the temperature goes up or down, they can argue for more intrusive government regulations to "protect the environment".

Back in the 1960s, when oil prices were low and stable, the Leftist media was predicting "a global ice age by the Year 2000". Then, in the 1990s, in total contradiction of the evidence from Mount Pinatubo, the Leftist media began to proclaim "global warming" would cause the polar ice caps to melt and turn the world into an unbearable greenhouse. So, that headline on that date marked a sea change in the gullibility factor of the American public. That point can apply to many other things that have happened in the political world, with catastrophic results. Read on.

"lazy days" of Summer

Also occurring on 14 Aug 1991, Israel announced that it would consider new concessions in negotiations with terrorist leaders that were holding seven Israeli soldiers hostage in Lebanon. At that time, Israel was holding 375 Shiite Muslim terrorists. So, the prime minister of Israel was willing to exchange prisoners at the rate of 53-to-one, plus offer up other concessions. The offering of concessions by Israel would become a pattern, and would lead to another pact that would ultimately both identify and usher in the reign of the Anti-Christ. (No, that reign has not yet started -- but it will very soon! Read my book.)

Those concessions in Israel mark a logical segue to an examination of the Hebrew calendar. Here, things get a little more "interesting". But, the pattern remains -- events that appear almost insignificant at the time will set up a big change later.

On the Hebrew calendar, the Haitian pact with Satan took place on the 14th of Av in the year 5551. That was shortly after the dreaded 9th of Av -- the most terrible day on the Hebrew calendar. On the 9th of Av, both of the Israelite Temples in Jerusalem were destroyed -- one by the Babylonians when they took most of the nation of Israel into captivity, and the second by the Romans when they sacked Jerusalem in the year that we know as AD 70. The prophet Jeremiah predicted the first Temple destruction, and Jesus predicted the second. So, as we see, the Haitian pact with Satan took place during a time when, on the Hebrew calendar, upheaval and destruction were fresh in mind.

And, on the 200th anniversary of that pact, on the Hebrew calendar, we come to 14 Av 5751. That date corresponds to the Gregorian date 25 July 1991. And, on that date, we see more concessions by Israel. Coincidence?

During a live interview with Israel Television on 25 July 1991, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir declared that, as a result of an announcement the day before by Syrian President Assad, Israel would now be willing to enter into direct negotiations with every Arab state. When I was a boy growing up in south Texas, I was once confronted and surrounded by a gang of ten Chicano youths. I negotiated with the gang leader, but was attacked (first) by a different gang member. (After I put the first three of them on the ground, the gang leader stopped the attack, and then asked me if I wanted to join his gang....) The moral of this little flashback is that, in that situation, it would be as though Israel would need to negotiate a separate peace deal with each member of the gang before the entire gang would leave them alone. Out on the mean streets, that would be called a "shakedown". But, somehow, in the convoluted world of Middle East diplomatic negotiations, that is called "progress toward peace". (Yeah, right.... I guess that would only be true if one accepts the Muslim definition of "peace" -- which is complete global domination by Allah.)

The above concession by Israel set the stage for the infamous "land for peace" strategy that led to the Oslo "Peace" Accords in September of 1993. The details of that "pact with the devil" have literally made possible the soon-coming global rule of the Anti-Christ. (The significance of the Oslo pact is fully explained in my book. The evil effects are far-reaching, predicted in the Bible, and already in progress.)

Two other events happened on 25 July 1991 that, on the surface, were almost insignificant. But, as with the "climate change" argument, these "non-events" set the stage for history-changing events later -- just as did Haiti's pact with Satan in a remote mountaintop jungle.

what a difference a day makes...

The first of these "non-events" was that a deadline passed without action. That deadline was set by the United Nations, and it required Iraq to fully disclose its nuclear program to the five permanent members of the UN Security Council. Iraq did not comply. The following day, US President George H. W. Bush (a.k.a.: "Bush-1") extended his Executive Orders mandating a complete trade embargo with Iraq. But, given that the embargo was already in effect, "nothing really happened". And, as history has shown, Iraq remains a problem to this day. (And, how much of a "trade embargo" can actually exist while the United States pumps billions of dollars -- mostly in construction and security contracts -- into "nation-building" there? How much "security" can we obtain while we are paying to employ the very people that attack us? How much "security" can we purchase from Iraqi turncoats while we prosecute those that punish the turncoats. Our country has punished such heroes as US Army infantry commander LTC Allen West and US Army Ranger platoon commander 1LT Michael Behenna for doing exactly what we sent them there to do!)

The other "non-event" that took place on 25 July 1991 was a hearing in the chambers of Congress. On that day, as reported by the Arkansas Gazette, IRS investigator William Duncan describes the evidence he collected on drug trafficking at Mena and how the Justice Department (under "Bush-1") asked him to perjure himself before a grand jury. For those that might have been living in a cave during the entire 1990s, the drug trafficking at the Mena (Arkansas) Airport was part of a CIA operation during the 1980s. That operation was to airlift arms to the Nicaraguan Contra freedom fighters against the Communist Sandinistas the ruled the country at that time. The reason this "non-event" is so important is that it revealed how the then-governor of Arkansas had cooperated with the CIA and the Bush-1 administration, and had profited from the drug trade as a result. The drug-running was not the main thrust of the operation, but was a sidebar conducted by a few rogue agents. This is thoroughly documented in the seminal book Compromised, by then-CIA flight instructor Terry Reed. Of course, history now shows that America then tolerated eight years of Bill Clinton in the White House. The then-governor of Arkansas announced his candidacy for president on 03 October 1991, a little more than three months after the Congressional hearing that should've put Clinton on the road to prison for a long time.

the numbers don't lie

Clinton's campaign announcement, on the Hebrew calendar, occurred on 25 Tishri 5752, and led to what many believe has been the cultural and political "crash" of the United States. Exactly 62 years earlier, on the Hebrew calendar date 25 Tishri 5690, the New York Stock Exchange "crashed" on a date (29 Oct 1929) known as Black Tuesday, thus leading to the Great Depression. As the page linked from that date shows, both the stock market crash and its date were predicted via the famous "Bible Code". (In an interesting side note, Barack Obama was nominated by the Democratic Party, and was immediately endorsed by Bill Clinton, on 27 Aug 2008 -- only eight days after Bill Clinton turned 62 years old. Eight days is the length of time that Jesus spent inside Jerusalem immediately before His crucifixion.) So, just like the other dates that we've examined, the 200th anniversary of Haiti's pact with Satan was tied to dates on both the Hebrew and Western Christian calendars, and those dates are linked to events that would, in turn, pave the way for certain corrupt politicians to provide even greater service to Satan.

How, you might ask?

As my book describes in mathematical detail, the current occupant of the White House -- the Muslim illegal alien citizen of Kenya by the name of Barack Hussein Obama (meaning: "the blessing from the handsome one that is crooked") -- has a "cosmic connection" to Bill Clinton. That cosmic connection confirms that both are part of the same evil agenda: to work against the set of Christian principles upon which the United States was founded. And, because the United States has long enjoyed the status of being a beacon of freedom for people in other countries, to undermine that freedom worldwide -- and to replace it with a global regime that is directly opposed to the rule of God and of His Son Jesus the Christ. If that sounds like a hard pill to swallow, then I again suggest that you read my book -- which proves this point (and others!) by using science, history, mathematics, politics, and military tactics. The cosmic connection between Obama and Clinton is now playing out upon the global stage, with Obama's appointment of Clinton as his special envoy to Haiti. Because of that, "the elder shall serve the younger", as predicted in the Holy Bible with regard to Esau (the father of all Arabs) serving Jacob (the father of all Israelites). (In the plan of Satan and his willing servant, the Anti-Christ, there are many twists of Scripture. The twists of this connection would take an entire separate column to explain. Trust me, they're there.)

Jesus said, "... the tree is known by its fruit." (Matthew 12:33) Thus, if there truly was a pact with Satan, and a long-term connection from that pact to modern political events, then we should be able to see the "fruit", correct? Read on.

places, everyone ... places!

Let us first examine the beginning of the situation in light of Christian history. (If it is true that Satan is behind the events, then there will be proof of a struggle against God and His Christ.) The name Haiti means "land of high mountains" in its native Taino language. The nation of Haiti occupies the western half of the island that we know as Hispaniola. That island was so named, "little Spain", by the first European sailor to document its discovery: Christopher Columbus. As my book points out in detail, there is great spiritual and historical significance to the discoveries of Columbus -- in stark contrast to the dumbed-down, public-school myth that he was merely looking for a cheaper route to/from the Spice Islands. His very name, Christopher, means "bearer of Christ". He was on a mission, from his grandfather, to bear the Good News of Jesus the Christ (the "Gospel") to a land that a monk had seen in a vision. That land was on the other side of an ocean that myth said had a vast abyss where one would fall off the end of the world. Columbus braved that challenge to literally "bear Christ" to a place that would come to be known as the New World.

The first place that Columbus came ashore in the New World, on 12 October 1492, was on the eastern end of Hispaniola. When he arrived upon the beach, he implanted a banner with a Cross on it, and claimed the New World in the holy name of Jesus the Christ. Later, he sailed around the island, and one of his ships (the Santa Maria -- meaning "Holy Mary", the mother of Jesus) ran aground on the northwestern shore of Hispaniola. The grounding occurred on Christmas Day, 1492, and then Columbus left behind a contingent of 37 men that built a fort called La Navidad (meaning literally "The Birth", and referring specifically to the birth of Jesus). The fort was built from the remains of the Santa Maria. There was no way that Columbus nor his men could've known that, 299 years later, on top of the mountain that overlooks the coastline where La Navidad was built, escaped slaves would conduct a Voodoo ceremony that would offer this same land to Satan.

Cap-Haitien mountain overlooks coast where the Santa Maria ran aground
Haiti's pact with Satan was made overlooking place where Columbus fort was dedicated to Jesus
Images from: Wikipedia Commons (free use)

the tree and its fruit

Now that we've looked at the location where this tree of evil has been planted, let's look at the fruit of that tree. When it was a French colony, Haiti was called Sainte-Domingue, which means "Holy Lord" -- referring to Jesus. As we see above, when the Haitian slaves revolted against their French masters, they chose to seek help from Satan -- the enemy of Jesus. Coincidence?

When the slaves began their revolt, they used skills that had been taught to them by ... the French. Many of the slave rebels were "mulattos" -- the mixed-race children of French landowners and their native Taino and/or imported Black African slave women. As a gesture of kindness, the French took the best of the male slaves and gave them varying degrees of classical education. Many of those men later became gens de couleur libre (free men of color). It was those educated free men of color that led the Haitian Revolution. So, ironically, the French taught their slaves how to rebel. (In further irony, it was also the French that taught the Aboriginal Americans how to take scalps -- which they then did ... from the French!)

The irony does not stop there. In order to finance the revolution, and then operate the plantations that they took over from their colonial masters, the Haitian revolutionaries had to borrow huge sums of money. Their revolution was financed largely by banks ... in France! Twenty years after the Haitian Revolution had purportedly succeeded, the banks "called in the notes", and put the economy of Haiti on a downward slide from which it has never recovered. The poverty of Haiti was brought on, in large part, because the rebel slaves burned the very plantations that had made Haiti so prosperous before. (Perhaps there is a lesson there for American "progressive" Democrats, who are somehow surprised that their decades of public-assistance programs have become cesspools of corruption and violent crime.)

Despite its self-inflicted misfortunes, Haiti occupies some unique places in history. Originally, the entire island of Hispaniola had been claimed by the Spanish. The native population of Taino fell victim to European diseases for which they had no resistance. Over time, the French and Spanish agreed to split the island. The Spanish had already imported Black slaves from Africa. The French used these Black slaves, but did not import many more of them. The remaining Taino and the Black Africans learned the French language, and then developed a mixed language called Creole. Thus, although the island is considered to be located in "Latin America", the nation of Haiti is one of only two nations in the Western Hemisphere that recognizes French as one of its official languages. (The other such nation is Canada.) Haiti is also the first Black-led republic in the known history of the world. (This is because the French-educated "free men of color" and the Black African slaves outnumbered the native Taino by the time of the Haitian Revolution.) Unfortunately, the other distinction of Haiti is its pact with Satan.

From this background of slavery, rebellion, revolution, violence, and self-inflicted poverty, we can see why the culture of Haiti is one of fear, confusion, corruption, and Communism. This culture was ripe for the type of leadership that rose to power just as the 200-year pact with Satan was drawing near to its deadline.

On the Gregorian calendar, that deadline was 14 August 1991. If the 200 years was calculated on the Hebrew calendar, then the deadline was the equivalent of 25 July 1991. Shortly before the pact expired, on 07 February 1991, the people of Haiti elected a defrocked Roman Catholic priest named Jean-Bertrand Aristide to become their next president. (Or, did they...?)

Aristide openly supported Socialist doctrines, and had written a book called The Sin of Capitalism. In 1988, he was expelled from the Salesian order of the Catholic priesthood -- although he "technically" remained a priest until he renounced that title in 1994. Aristide's expulsion from the order, which promotes doing works of charity in areas impoverished by the Industrial Revolution, was because his deeds and speeches were an "... incitement to hatred and violence".

Nowhere is that hatred and violence more focused than upon those that Aristide considered to be traitors to his cause. Those "traitors" were the Haitian people of color that did not support him in his election campaign. Aristide became known for sending out thugs to practice "necklacing" against his non-supporters, or those that dared to openly support Aristide's opposition.

For those that are not aware, "necklacing" is a horrible style of summary execution -- usually practiced by a mob, or by a small band of political thugs. It was originally used by the African National Congress -- the pro-Socialist rebels that overthrew White-led government in South Africa. In fact, some reports claim that the person that originated the concept was none other than Winnie Mandela, the wife of imprisoned ANC leader Nelson Mandela (who, like his Socialist compadres Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, later won the Nobel Peace Prize). Necklacing is the practice of throwing a gasoline-filled tire over someone's head and then setting it on fire. As the rubber tire quickly melts, it becomes impossible to remove. The sticky molten rubber and flaming gasoline provide both a portable prison and a painful death. The more a person struggles against the gooey molten rubber, the more that the gasoline is able to spread over the person's body. (Some victims of necklacing take as long as 20 minutes to die!) If this is the price of admission to the Nobel "Peace" Prize club, then I'll pass.

A victim of "necklacing" burns in a South African street
Socialist rebel humiliates the victim further by throwing trash on the still-living body
source: African Crisis

Aristide used this brutal technique to get elected. So, did the people of Haiti really elect him? But, the Leftist news media and the later Clinton administration hailed Aristide's election as "the first freely democratic election in the history of the Republic of Haiti". Well, we all know that Bill Clinton had trouble with the definitions of certain words -- such as "is" and "sex". So, apparently, he also doesn't quite grasp the meaning of "freely", either.

The people of Haiti did not take kindly to Aristide and his version of "help" for them. After he was in office for only six months, in September of 1991, there was a military coup d'etat to oust Aristide. Then, after the election of Bill Clinton at the end of 1992, he sent American troops into Haiti to overthrow the military junta and restore Aristide to power. You see, when he ran for president of the United States, drug-running, friend-raping, military-loathing, serial-lying candidate Bill Clinton was on a mission -- from Satan -- to ensure that fellow evil politician Jean-Bertrand Aristide remained in power. (Aristide burned adult opponents openly in the streets of Haiti. Clinton burned women and children as they hid beneath the ground in a compound outside Waco, Texas.) The fruit doesn't fall very far from the tree.

American military tanks set the Mount Carmel campus on fire near Waco
Military presence, in complete violation of the Posse Commitatus Act, was provided by Gen. Wesley Clark

In yet another irony, being "necklaced" is probably the closest thing there is to experiencing "Hell on earth". It is done up-close-and-personal, sometimes by acquaintances, and the victims were largely conservative Christians (who tend to resist Socialism and other evils). The people doing the necklacing were, in many ways, serving the cause of Satan. Certainly, the people that those street thugs were supporting were active volunteers in the cause of Satan. As Jesus made succinctly clear, "They have their reward [now]." (Matthew 6:1-6,16)

With mentors and role models such as Aristide and Clinton, is it any wonder that Obama got into office at least partially because of Black Panther thugs that intimidated voters outside of polling places? And, with the long history of Socialist thuggery in many countries, is it any wonder that one of those Black Panthers specifically told a poll watcher, "A Black man is gonna win this election, no matter what"? And, with open thuggery such as that tolerated before his election, is it any wonder that Obama's administration wasted little time before dropping the investigation into voter intimidation by the Black Panthers?

And, is it any wonder that the civilization and economy of Haiti are in confusion and disarray, when the United States keeps propping up Aristide despite repeated popular resistance against him? This propping-up comes from both of the Big Two political parties, and has now spanned two decades! Confusion, poverty, and chaos are, of course, some of the fruits on Satan's tree. So are hatred, revenge, destruction, and murder -- as shown by the thugs that practice pillaging and necklacing to support "The Little Priest" Aristide. Socialist despot Jean-Bertrand Aristide has enjoyed the support of US presidents "Bush-1" (who ignored Aristide's first rise to power), Clinton (who deployed US Army Special Forces to reinstall Aristide after the 1991 coup, thus ushering in Aristide's second rise to power), Bush-2 (who ignored Aristide's third rise to power, but sent American troops halfway around the world to remove Saddam Hussein -- whom the United States had helped into power in the first place), and now Obama (whose allies in the Hollywood Left are calling for Obama's relief efforts to be used as a prop to reinstate Aristide into power for the fourth time in Haiti). It is also interesting to note that purported Christian George W. Bush was in power at the time that Aristide held a ceremony that recognized Voodoo as an official religion in Haiti (08 April 2003). High-ranking members of the Democratic and Republican Parties have ignored the Socialist machinations of the Haitian loose cannon Aristide. By openly courting evil, Aristide has called for trouble in his own country and in the portion of the globe that Haiti shares with the United States. By ignoring Aristide and the pact with Satan, every US president after Ronald Reagan has enabled the evil to fester.

In summary, the Left-tilting news media was wrong when they pilloried Pat Robertson for stating that the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti was caused by that country's pact with Satan. It was. Further, an examination of the dates (both beginning and end) of that 200-year pact prove that God has mapped out clues in the course of history to show the ties between Haiti, Satan, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. Further, as fully explained in my book Tribulation: 2008, there is a "cosmic connection" between Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. The connection is mathematical and, as my book shows in detail, would be impossible for any human to have engineered. That connection will usher in the global rule of the Anti-Christ ... very soon. That connection is also proven by examination of the relationships between key dates on the Gregorian and Hebrew calendars. The recent earthquake in Haiti was apparently used by God to open the eyes of those of His followers that would dare to see the clues regarding the timeline connections between Haiti, Satan, Clinton, Obama ... Clinton and ... Satan.

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