Genealogy of the Bible

Creation of man

6,000 years

Each grid column represents 100 years.

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Each grid row represents one generation.

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The Flood of Noah began in his 600th year, in the 2nd month, on the 17th day of the month.  “Science” says that we cannot precisely date the Flood.  But, the Bible gives the exact day on which it began, and tells exactly how long it lasted (150 days, then 7 months for the waters to recede).


Note that Methusaleh’s death coincides with the start of the Flood.  A long life does not necessarily mean a “perfect” life.  First, he buried his son, and then five years lated he died in the Flood.  His own grandson, Noah, could not save Methusaleh from the results of sin (see left column).


The math bears out the relation between the Flood dates and the ages of the men as charted here.  Noah died 350 years after the Flood, according to Genesis 9:28.

1898:  Beginning of the Zionist movement.  Jews begin to “flood” into Israel.  This is also the beginning of the Latter Days.  For a detailed explanation of the signs, read my book:  Tribulation:  2008.

1948:  Founding of the United Nations — the start of a third global government.  The first one (run by huge Nephilim; see Gen. 6:1-7) was ended by the Flood.  The second (founded by Nimrod) was ended when God came down and confused the languages at the Tower of Babel.  Both happened “in the days of Noah”, which is how Jesus said the world would be when He returns.  (Matt. 24:37)

130 years

60 years

7-year gap


accept UN rule

“wicked and lost generation”


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Jesus returns to crush global government & establish His kingdom.

70 years

(cut short)


Global govt.

The Two Witnesses appear at the mid-point of The Tribulation, and testify to the lordship of Jesus.  Enoch and Elijah never died; they were “taken up” into Heaven (for “advanced training” and for “intelligence briefings” — they are the “special operators” of God’s army).


They preach & prophesy for 3 ½ years (one half of the seven-year Tribulation period), during which time their preaching and miracles frustrate the global rule of The Anti-Christ.  They cannot be harmed until their mission is complete.  At that time, they will be killed, and their bodies hanged in a street of Jerusalem for public defilement in mocking of God.

As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man (Matt 24:37)


Not only will the whole earth be filled with violence, but also things will happen according to the same timeline of Noah’s life.

The meanings of the names of the Bible characters is taken from A Dictionary of the Proper Names of the Old and New Testament Scriptures by J. B. Jackson.

The Wedding Feast — lasts the same number of years as Adam & Eve had together before they had Seth.


(A three-hour feast, in heavenly time.  See my book Tribulation:  2008 for an explanation of the decompression of time from Heaven to Earth.

Lamech’s name implies that he (or his father, who gave him that name) had questioned God.  Lamech is the first man recorded to have died before his father.  Such an event was considered a curse.  And, only five years after Lamech’s death is the Flood of Noah.


The question that Lamech asked seems to have something to do with disrupting the order of God’s authority over us.


Lamech lived 777 years.  Many people have speculated that he might have lived a “perfect” life, because seven is the number of God’s perfection.  But, when viewed in the totality of both Biblical numerology and the few recorded historical facts, we see a different picture.  Three is the number of man.  Thus, with an age of three sevens, perhaps Lamech merely thought that he was perfect, and thus became arrogant.


Perhaps the above seems too speculative at first glance.  But, if the above hypothesis is correct, then it explains a lot.  Lamech’s sin (thinking of one’s self as perfect), is the same sin that caused an archangel named Lucifer (“bearer of the light”) to be turned into Satan (“accuser; enemy”) and cast down from Heaven (see Isaiah 14).


It was during Noah’s adult lifetime (and, thus, well into Lamech’s life) that the race of the Nephilim was created by the intermingling of the “sons of Heaven” with the “daughters of men”.  Was this allowed by Lamech and/or Methusaleh?  Did they “pimp” their daughters out to the fallen angels, and thus created the violence that filled the whole earth?  Was the “dart” of Methusaleh’s name actually a phallic reference?


Note that, after Lamech, the lifespan of men diminished substantially — with the exception of Noah, who was “perfect in his generations”.