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Bible prophecies -- shaking things up

Media not reporting significant earthquakes

Wed, 03 Sep 2008

This column series began less than three months ago with a challenge to readers. If an earthquake followed the lightning storm that triggered the wildfires in Northern California back in mid-June, then that series of events matched the description in Revelation 8:5 of the fire thrown from Heaven just before the start of The Tribulation. And, exactly seven weeks after the California Supreme Court decided to overrule the will of that state's voters, and thus resume homosexual "marriage" there, an earthquake struck the state capital of Sacramento. The area around Sacramento, and upwind thereof, had been the scene of the dry-lightning storm and most of the resultant wildfires. (Seven weeks is the period of time from when the ancient Israelites were released from Egypt by the power of The Passover until God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses on Pentecost. That word comes from a Greek term that means "the 50th day".)

If you think the above was all mere coincidence, then you will likely think the same of the information below. For everyone else, keep reading.

Since the time of the lightning storm, I have been tracking earthquakes on real-time online maps of the United States Geological Survey. Some of my previous columns in this series have used those maps to focus on Northern California. But, now, notable earthquakes are taking place in other parts of the world. Those other places also have End Times significance, as noted in my new book, Tribulation: 2008.

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In my new book, there are other areas of Earth that have significant relation to Bible prophecy and current world events. Recent earthquakes -- of notable size -- have occurred in those areas. The "lamestream" news media has not reported those quakes.

Vancouver Island, near American Northwest
tectonic boundary leads to San Andreas Fault
(Source: USGS online maps)

Let's start with an area that could relate, geologically, to the earthquake cluster that I've previously reported in Northern California. This quake is just west of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. That is a fairly short distance from Puget Sound near Seattle, Washington. But, note that the quake was also near the boundary of two tectonic plates (as are many). Between the California coastline and the Pacific Plate boundary is the Mendocino Trench. That trench comes ashore at Mendocino, California -- where it then becomes the famous San Andreas Fault. That fault runs down the California coast, and passes very close to the area where I've suggested that God will soon unleash another earthquake. My personal belief (not a "revelation" from God, but an examination of the things that He has already done in that area), is that last month's earthquake in Sacramento was only the foreshock of quake that will topple the idol at the Bohemian Grove outside of Monte Rio, California. (Seven weeks from the Sacramento earthquake will be Tuesday, 23 September. That will be during the final week approaching the Feast of Trumpets on the Hebrew calendar.)

Green star shows quake near Columbus departure point
Location has significance to both history and prophecy
(Source: USGS online maps)

Back in May, the news media reported a magnitude 6.0 quake in China. But, there has been no report of the recent 4.0 quake on the island of Hispaniola, not far from American shores. This quake is especially significant when considering that the Caribbean region is currently getting hit by a series of hurricanes. Under normal circumstances, such double devastation would be considered newsworthy. But, when the quakes match recent predictions that a conservative Christian writer and activist gleaned from the Holy Bible, then the absence of such news reports reveals a deafening silence by the media.

On the above map, the purple lines show the boundaries between the North Atlantic and the Caribbean tectonic plates. The area is a hotbed of undersea volcanic activity. The dark blue area of ocean floor just northeast of Puerto Rico is the deepest spot in the Atlantic. That area figures prominently in my book's examination of how Bible prophecy and world events are inextricably intertwined. It was no accident that Christopher Columbus departed from that area to return to Spain, but made a sudden 90-degree turn to the north. For the details, read the book. You will never again believe the government-school myth that Columbus "accidentally" discovered America while looking for a cheaper route to the spice trade of India.

Quakes also increasing in the Milwaukee Deep
Deepest spot in Atlantic -- was it mentioned in the Bible?
(Source: USGS online maps)

Earthquakes are also increasing in frequency in the Milwaukee Deep (blue square, northeast of Puerto Rico) -- the deepest spot on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. The name comes from its discovery in 1933 by the American naval destroyer USS Milwaukee. This location is likely one of the "storehouses of the deep" mentioned in the Bible. In my new book, I show how this spot figures into history, and could play a role in future prophetic events. The fact that earthquakes are suddenly increasing in that area -- along with other areas mentioned in the book -- only underscores the urgent need to seriously study Bible prophecy.

Magnitude 5 quake in oil-rich region
Was it caused by Iranian nuclear tests?
(Source: USGS online maps)

Only one week after its initial release, my book required a second edition. That was caused by the outbreak of fighting between Russia and Georgia over the attempted secession of South Ossetia from Georgia. As the map above shows, the earthquake center was near the border between Iran and Armenia. The historical significance is that tiny Armenia was the first country in history to declare itself a Christian nation. The prophetic significance is that the oil-rich region could spark a major war over economic interests. A summary of why the pipeline from Russia through Georgia is so important is contained in the Afterword of the second edition of Tribulation: 2008.

Shake-up borders Armenia -- the "land of fire"
Quakes here could disrupt oil supply, and "spark" a war
(Source: CIA World Factbook)

As described in my two-part column series, Christmas needs an extreme makeover, the name "Azerbaijan" means "land of fire". The earthquake in northern Iran was near that country's borders with Armenia and Azerbaijan. There is a large oil refining complex near Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. That country is also one of the "breakaway republics" that was previously part of the "now-defunct" Soviet Union. The Russian oil pipeline runs through the Caucusus Mountains that divide Georgia from Russia. (In ancient Greek mythology, the "god" Prometheus stole fire from heaven and gave it to mortal mankind. As punishment from Zeus, Prometheus was chained to a mountain in the Caucusus Range.) The "fire" from which Azerbaijan derives its name comes from the petroleum gas pockets that provide natural eternal flames (which were used in ancient religious rituals in that region). In the above-linked column, I suggested that those gas pockets might be the natural result of the "flaming sword" that God's angel used to prevent Adam and Eve from returning to the Garden of Eden. There are historic reasons to think that one border of Eden was in modern-day northern Iran.

Regardless of whether the region between Mesopotamia, the Caucusus, and the Caspian Sea is linked to the beginning of human history, it is clear that it is linked to the Bible prophecies about the end of human history. Oil seems to be at least one of the keys to understanding the significance of that region. But, keep in mind that traditional scholars think that Noah's Ark must have passed over this region on its way to "the mountains of Ararat" in modern-day Turkey. There is also the point that the "king of the north" described by the Prophet Ezekiel could meet the "kings of the east" in this region near the ancient Silk Road. If so, then their combined armies would journey from the land of the beginning (Eden) to the land of the end (Armageddon) in a single mission to jointly destroy Israel.

By now, it should be clear to the reader that geography, and geology, are key elements in understanding the "depths and riches" of Bible prophecy. And, why not? God made the land. Would it not make sense that the Creator would somehow write His signature into the very makeup of the Earth? And, now, as the seals are broken on prophetic knowledge, the Earth is shaking in specific places that could very well match the imprint of the signet of God.

Tom Kovach (rhymes with "watch") lives near Nashville, is a former USAF Blue Beret, and has written for several online publications. He has written two books: Slingshot in 2006, and Tribulation: 2008 just recently. Tom is an inventor, a horse wrangler, a certified paralegal, and former network talk-show host. He has also run for Congress. To learn more, or purchase the books, click: www.TomKovach.US.

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