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Nor-Cal quakes -- connect the dots

Foreshock locations are lining up precisely as predicted

Sun, 03 Aug 2008

Scoffers might try to poke holes in my Bible-based earthquake prediction scenario. After all, my last column even contained a date when a larger earthquake "could" occur. But, if the scoffers try to use that argument, then it would fail, because I never wrote that the Bible had selected a date or a timeframe (other than a quake would follow the fires). Nor have I ever written that "God told me" to expect an earthquake on a specific date. I have only written that the scenario matches the predictions in the Book of Revelation. And, it still matches every detail.

Let's review.

On Tuesday, the 17th of June, the California Supreme Court issued a decision that it had been "unconstitutional" for the voters of that state to ban homosexual "marriage". Exactly three days later (a very Biblical waiting period), an enormous and powerful "dry lightning" storm struck Northern California -- including the state capital of Sacramento, where the CA Supreme Court is located. The lightning triggered more than 800 wildfires, in a concentrated area, in that single day. The state fire marshall said that the event was "unprecedented" in the history of California.

Five months prior to that lightning storm, I had begun research and writing for a book on Bible prophecy. (My first book, Slingshot, is available by clicking here.) The book was called Tribulation: 2008, and showed -- in great detail -- how the seven-year Tribulation predicted in the Bible would start this year. At the time of starting the research for the book, I had no foreknowledge of the events leading up to the California wildfires or their related earthquakes.

Four days after the lightning storm, I began this column series called The Crossbow and wrote that the lightning storm matched the scene of the angel throwing fire from Heaven as Revelation 8:5 describes. I also gave the key to confirmation: see if an earthquake follows. At the time of that writing, I had heard of the Bohemian Grove, and knew of the pagan rituals there, but did not know its precise location. Further research began.

Looking at the online maps of the California wildfires, I noticed that the original patten of fires formed a "reverse crescent" shape. At first, I did not make the connection. But, when the very same patten began to form on USGS real-time earthquake mape, then I realized that God was putting His signature on this entire series of unfolding events.

Exactly seven weeks (another very Biblical waiting period) after the pro-homo court decision, significant earthquakes struck across California. The most powerful were in Chino Hills (near Los Angeles) and in Sacramento. And, seven weeks after the wildfires, a planetary alignment took place that -- according to a Messianic Jewish pastor that studies astronomy -- could produce enough gravitational pull to trigger quakes on Earth. And, a number of significant earthquakes did occur that day; but, they did not occur onshore in Northern California. They occurred in China, Hawaii, off the coast of Northern California (near the Mendocino Trench -- the offshore continuation of the San Andreas Fault), and in the "Milwaukee Deep" -- the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean, and a place that factors significantly in the book Tribulation: 2008. Several of those locations are along the Pacific tectonic plate. That is the same plate that was affected by the American hydrogen bomb tests at Enewetok Atoll. (In the book, I describe how the first such test, in 1952, marks the opening of the sixth seal of Revelation. It, too, was accompanied by an earthquake.) The meaning of all the seals is explained here.

And, now, let's review some pictures.

14 Jul 2008: line from "cluster" to old Nuc-Plant site
Line passes through Bohemian Grove on way to fault

A spit of land called Bodega Head was once the planned site of a nuclear power plant. But, when digging for the foundation began, a geological fault was discovered. Construction of the plant was halted because of worries that the plant -- its enormous weight, or any negative nuclear event -- could trigger an earthquake along the fault. The hole was filled with water, and the area is now the Sonoma Coast State Beach. (The pond at the old foundation site is nicknamed "The Hole in the Head".) That is the area at the southern end of the red line shown above. The "X" is over the location of the Bohemian Grove.

18 Jul 2008: "reverse Crescent" appears on quake maps
Satanic star over Bohemian Grove location

Exactly four weeks (one lunar month on the Hebrew calendar) after the wildfires, this "reverse Crescent" pattern appears in the USGS real-time earthquake maps. You can check out the unaltered maps for yourself in this column.

03 Aug 2008: foreshocks "marching" toward Bodega Head
Line points toward the Bohemian Grove, as predicted

The unaltered image above is from this morning's USGS real-time earthquake maps. Note that a line of foreshocks is beginning to extend outward from the Asti, CA, earthquake cluster (which formed after the wildfires) and moving toward the Bodega Head geological fault. The line follows precisely the line shown in my 14 July column as the most likely path of a future major earthquake. This pattern will cut through an area that advertises itself as a very popular 'gay'-friendly travel destination. This time of year is very popular for travel "out" to Sonoma County. (Is God lining things up to ensure a maximum number of available targets?)

Keep your eye on this area. If a quake occurs in the cluster, and travels toward Bodega Head, it will pass through three large fault lines that run parallel to the California coastline. (One of those is the San Andreas Fault.) Such a pattern could trigger other quakes. My suggestion remains that believing Christians and Jews should get out of the "earthquake crescent" area. (God gave warning before He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, but nobody listened then, either.)

Regardless of whether the Sacramento quake of last Tuesday was the quake of Revelation 8:5, or if it was merely a foreshock of a bigger quake that will topple the idol at Bohemian Grove (I believe the latter), the point remains that the fire-and-quake scenario precisely matches the Biblical signs that the trumpets of The Tribulation are soon to sound.

Tom Kovach (rhymes with "watch") lives near Nashville, is a former USAF Blue Beret, and has written for several online publications. In 2006, he published his first book. Tom is an inventor, a horse wrangler, a certified paralegal, and former network talk-show host. He has also run for Congress. To learn more, click: www.TomKovach.US.

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