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Flight 93 shootdown "theory" VINDICATED

Government knew all along that airliner was shot down

Thu, 24 Jul 2008

At last, reports that Flight 93 was shot down have been vindicated. And, unlike the purported "slip of the tongue" by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in December of 2004, this vindication comes as part of the official court record in the ongoing "Gitmo" terrorist trial of Salim Hamdan -- the man accused of being Osama bin-Laden's personal driver and a possible bodyguard for bin-Laden.

Along with other news agencies, ABC News has quoted Timothy Stone, the US government's prosecutor, as having asked the alleged terrorism conspirator about the destination of United Airlines Flight 93 -- the only "9-11" hijacked airliner that did not reach its intended target. "If they hadn't shot down the fourth plane it would've hit the dome," Stone, a Navy officer, said in his opening remarks, according to ABC, Reuters, and others. The referenced "dome" is presumed to be that of the United States Capitol in Washington, DC. Even on the day of the "9-11" attacks, there was wide speculation that United Airlines Flight 93 had been intended to strike either the US Capitol or the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency. (There are dome-like arch structures at HQ-CIA. So, either location could've been targeted.)

As this writer reported years ago, the then-Director of the Air National Guard, Major General Paul A. Weaver, Jr. -- who held a news conference (on Fri, 14 Sep 2001) to tell the world that Flight 93 had not been shot down -- is a proven liar in testimony before Congress. (Weaver also lied to the New York State Department of Military and Naval Affairs about his role in the unauthorized diversion of a C-5 transport aircraft, in an incident that came to be known as the "lobster Newburgh" mission.) In his most egregious -- and famous -- series of lies, then-Colonel Paul A. Weaver trumped himself up in numerous military news publications, and attempted to get himself nominated for a Bronze Star for an event that never happened. (See inset, below.) Weaver also misused his status as commander of the 105th Military Airlift Group to take a crony group of military officers into a hostile-fire zone -- but, after the fighting had stopped, and in an empty C-5 transport aircraft -- in order to qualify for a tax exemption. One of the officers aboard that flight was the base legal officer. After retiring from the Air National Guard, Weaver was subject to a minimum one-year moratorium on lobbying to the government, but he opened his own lobbying firm within less than three months (and made a quarter-million dollars in lobbying fees the first year). While the government was able to trot out one military officer (just before he retired) to proclaim that Flight 93 was not shot down, independent researchers have found 25 military officers that say it was shot down.

"Liar, Liar"
Maj. Gen. Weaver said that Flight 93 was not shot down
(Source: official Air National Guard biography)

The hero that simply wasn't

While commander of the 105th Military Airlift Group (now Wing), NY Air National Guard, then-Colonel Paul A. Weaver trumped up a story that was the basis for numerous "feel-good" military news articles. The story, however, simply wasn't true.

And, if it had been true, then Weaver should've been tried by a court-martial for numerous violations -- including endangering the security of the entire base ... in a combat zone.

But, the phony story was "up-channeled" by Weaver's hand-picked Public Affairs flunky, John Malthaner (who was instantly promoted from E-4 to E-6 as a result). The story even made its way into the "Desert Storm Commemorative Edition" of the Airman -- the offical Air Force magazine.

Weaver claimed to have rescued 60 children from certain death by chemical attack. And, just how did he rescue them? By removing his own gas mask, and then inspiring his aircrew to do likewise! (The story never says that Weaver, or any of the other crewmembers, actually put their gas mask on any child's face!) Weaver also claims to have carried two children -- one under each arm -- down the two ladders of a C-5 transport (the ladders are two stories each -- and ran almost a mile from the aircraft (abandoned on the runway) to the operations building.

The story never mentions that Weaver had suffered a broken pelvis only a few weeks prior (he fell from a ladder while painting his house), nor that he should not have even been on flying status at that time. Ironically, Weaver is the one quoted by the Boston Globe as having said, during the 2004 election cycle, that he would never have let George W. Bush near a military aircraft unless he passed a physical examination!

For skeptics of the shootdown scenario, one aspect that has been difficult to refute is the chart from a university seismograph located in western Pennsylvania. Several expert geologists, including one consultant to the Federal government, examined the seismographic report and concluded that it does, indeed, show the classic "N-curve" that is typical of supersonic flight above the surveyed location. The airliner that was Flight 93 was not designed for supersonic flight, and could not have achieved supersonic flight without a lengthy power-dive. Eyewitnesses saw the airliner flying erratically, including altitude changes. But, those altitude changes were nowhere near the type that would be necessary to bring the airliner up to supersonic speed. Thus, the only other reasonable explanation for the evidence of supersonic flight in that area is the presence of a military fighter jet. (Remember, after the first World Trade Center tower was struck, the government ordered all aircraft nationwide to land immediately. The only exception was for specific military aircraft.) The seismograph records a breaking of the sound barrier shortly before Flight 93 impacted with the ground outside of Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Seismograph shows "N-curve" indicating sonic boom
(Eyewitnesses saw a military jet leave the Flight 93 crash area.)
(Source: "Flight 93's Smoking Gun", by Robb Magley)

Some supporters of the "mainstream" government story have tried to minimize the significance of the seismographic report, or to claim that the evidence is flawed. But, even without the seismographic report, there are still two key categories of evidence -- both of which have stood up to intense scrutiny -- that support the scenario that Flight 93 was shot down. One category is eyewitness testimony. The other is the debris field.

Flight 93 was headed toward airport radio beacon
(Debris began falling eight miles from crash area.)
(Source: this author's modification of MapQuest map.)

Some in the "lamestream" news media have downplayed eyewitness accounts of midair flashes or explosions prior to Flight 93's impact with the ground, or of the presence of a military fighter jet in the immediate vicinity. But, it has not been so easy to dismiss the remarks of senior government officials. In addition to SecDef Rumsfeld, as noted above, other remarks that support the shootdown scneario were made by Vice-President Dick Cheney (scroll about two-thirds down the linked White House page) and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

That broadcast interview, in which Vice-President Cheney openly admits that he supported President Bush's decision to "intercept incoming aircraft", was made only five days after Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania. (The interview was conducted by NBC's Tim Russert, who suddenly died shortly before the trial of Salim Hamdan began.) Statements made soon after an event are generally considered the most reliable. Thus, it seems an inescapable conclusion that this latest "slip of the tongue" by a government lawyer was only the latest in a long list of details to prove that the Federal government has always known that Flight 93 was shot down, and that the government has intentionally covered up that fact. Of course, it only makes sense that the government would know about the shootdown of the airliner, because they are the only ones that could've done it.

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