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California's 'Quake Crescent'

Scientists could not have predicted this a month ago!

Fri, 18 Jul 2008

This writer has received an increased amount of hate mail for daring to proclaim that last month's "unprecedented" dry-lightning storm in California was an act of God that will precede another act of God. This writer also dared to proclaim the notable timing relationship between the lightning storm and California's resumption of same-sex "marriage". This writer also dared to proclaim that the lightning storm that triggered more than 800 wildfires in a single day -- a day that had significance of its own, both in calendar position and in events -- was part of a specific sequence of events predicted in the Bible as the start of the seven-year period called The Tribulation. This writer also dared to predict that the sequence -- written in Revelation 8:5 -- says that the next thing to happen would be an earthquake.

People scoffed.

The Holy Bible says that, in the End Times, people will scoff. But, the fact that people choose not to believe the Bible does not diminish its truth or accuracy. And, as this column will show, the Holy Bible is accurate to such a fine degree that only someone that is determined to spend eternity without God could ignore the signs. Buckle your seatbelts.

In previous columns, this writer posited that the wildfires could heat up the rock formations, thus creating geological instability. A later column showed that, indeed, the official US Geological Survey earthquake prediction maps indicated that the wildfire zone was more than three thousand times more likely to have an earthquake three weeks after the fires started that it was the day before the fires started.

Then, this writer showed that the foreshocks had already begun -- in a cluster precisely in the heart of the wildfire zone. That zone also has a location nearby, called the Bohemian Grove, that is the site of idol worship by some of the leading members of American and foreign business, government, and news media. All of this information, and much more, was to be included in a new book about these Bible prophecies. This writer must have touched a nerve somewhere, because the book was hacked on my computer.

But, now, something has occurred that should make even the most jaded skeptic agree that only an all-powerful God could have put these incidents into motion to produce such a specific result. That result is the defeat of a "strange god" that dares to defy the God of the Bible. How can this writer be so sure of such an event, when scientists using the best equipment can only predict earthquakes a few hours in advance? The answer is simple. God has provided an unmistakable sign.

USGS earthquake map, showing cluster near Asti, CA
(Source: official US Geological Survey
Earthquake Hazards Program for Northern California)

The above map clearly shows the "earthquake cluster" that appeared on USGS maps after the lightning-ignited wildfires began. California has long experienced minor quakes along the famous San Andreas Fault and other fault lines of that fault system. Some earthquakes, notably in San Francisco, have been major. Most earthquakes are preceded by minor foreshocks. When those shocks begin to cluster near one location, and/or to increase in frequency, that is often an indiction of stronger earthquake activity to follow. Foreshocks can precede the "real" earthquake by hours, days, or weeks. This cluster around Asti has increased notably in the four weeks (one lunar month, as on the Hebrew calendar) since the lightning storm.

Zoom-in of quake cluster zone near Asti*, CA
(Source: official US Geological Survey
Earthquake Hazards Program for Northern California)

* "Asti" means "hill" in the ancient Ligurian language.

The above map shows a closer view of the Asti quake cluster zone. In the closer view, it is easier to see how many quakes have occurred recently in this small area. But, if a person had been watching this same map several times per day, for a month, then that person would see what this writer will now highlight for the reader.

This arc of quakes popped up slightly outside the cluster.
(Source: official US Geological Survey
Earthquake Hazards Program for Northern California)

The yellow highlighted line shows a group of small earthquakes that popped up in rapid succession of each other, but outside the small cluster. Yellow boxes on the map indicate quakes within one week of the map date-time, which is shown on the lower left portion of the full-size map.

This arc of quakes begins inside the cluster.
(Source: official US Geological Survey
Earthquake Hazards Program for Northern California)

The blue highlighted line shows a smaller arc of quakes that popped up in one day. This group of quakes follows a similar arc pattern, oriented in approximately the same direction as the older arc. Notably, this arc-shape was also present in the original online map of wildfire locations. It was that arc of wildfires that first got this writer's attention as confirmation of things that had already been written in the book that was hacked soon after this writer first published some of these observations online.

The same two arcs, connected and filled in.
(Source: official US Geological Survey
Earthquake Hazards Program for Northern California)

The above picture shows the same two arc lines, only now connected and filled in with white color. Clearly visible is a crescent-moon shape. The crescent is the symbol of Islam. But, this crescent is oriented exactly upside-down and backwards of the Islamic crescent. In religious iconography, that would be the equivalent of a public slap in the face. Only an all-powerful God could have arranged earthquakes to appear on a map in the shape of an upside-down-and-backwards Islamic crescent. But, wait, there's more. Islamic flags actually contain two celestial features: a crescent moon and a star. So, where is the star? Remember the mention of the idol worship at the Bohemian Grove? This writer maintains, as does the Holy Bible, that idol worship is an activity inspired by Satan -- even if the participants do not recognize Satan, and think that they are praying to "someone else". Let's insert a Satanic star (point-down) over the location of the Bohemian Grove.

Satanic star over the location of the Bohemian Grove idol.
Geographic references make a precise Islamic flag --
only upside-down and backwards!
(Source: official US Geological Survey
Earthquake Hazards Program for Northern California)

In the Holy Bible, the book of 1st Samuel, Chapter 5, tells the story of what happened when the Philistines captured the Ark of the Covenant from the Israelites during a battle. God had allowed the capture of the Ark, in order to punish the Israelites because of the two wicked priests (the sons of Eli). But, when the Philistines put the Ark of God into the temple of their idol (Dagon -- a giant fish, from which the saying "holy mackerel" comes), God caused the idol to bow down before the Ark. The Philistines stood the idol back up. So, the next night, the idol was knocked down on its face again -- only, this time, Dagon's head and hands had been neatly cut off. Given that the Philistines had priests and guards around the temple, that should have been impossible. Once that happened, the Philistines realized how much trouble they were in for keeping the Ark of God in their possession. The Philistines tried to send the Ark away, from Ashdod to Ekron, but then the people of Ekron broke out with large tumors.

As this writer pointed out in "The book was hacked", the modern-day word "Palestinian" is a mere linguistic smokescreen. In the Arabic language, the word "Palestinian" is transliterated Filistin! They are the direct descendants of the ancient Philistines, they are still the blood enemies of Israel, and their capital is still in Gaza to this day.

Now, is it any wonder that the people who engineered the modern giveaway of Israel's land are the same people (Henry Kissinger, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush) that worship before an idol of a Mesopotamian demon?

World "leaders", in priestly robes, before the Bohemian Grove idol.

I wonder what the scoffers will say about the observations in this column. Hmmmmmmmmm...

"Do not be deceived, God is not mocked..." -- Galatians 6:7

(See also -- Job 12:4)

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