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California: still bakin', soon shakin'

Predicted earthquake pre-shocks have already begun

Mon, 14 Jul 2008

In a series of recent columns, this writer has made some comments that caused scoffing. In fact, an entire Free Republic forum page has been dedicated to "'cussing and discussing" one of my recent columns, "The Tribulation has already begun." That column drew a link from the California wildfires, through idol worship at the Bohemian Grove, to the likelihood of earthquakes soon all in the same pro-homosexual region of Northern California. Well, the foreshocks of those earthquakes have already begun and, right on schedule!

On the day before the annual Bohemian Grove gathering started last week, a small earthquake occurred near Green Valley, California. Interestingly, that earthquake occurred almost to the minute at the time in which my most recent column, "Hot rocks could roll!" was posted on the Internet. More important than that timing is the trend shown by the geographic locations of an entire series of "micro-earthquakes" in that same vicinity.

that was then, this is now

Official USGS Earthquake Map
(Shows actual quakes, not predictions)

This writer's most recent column focused on official earthquake predictions. This column focuses on actual quakes recorded within the past week. The specific quake mentioned above, near Grass Valley, occurred several days before the cluster of quakes approximately 70 miles to the northwest. If a line is drawn between the Grass Valley quake and the cluster of quakes near the small town of Asti (east of Cloverdale, which is shown on the map), the predicted "hot spot" shown in this writer's last column is directly along that line. Further, the centerpoint of that line is directly over the greatest concentration of lightning-ignited wildfires. It is common knowledge that California is a place where both wildfires and earthquakes are more common than aboutt anywhere in the United States. But, even in California, this convergence of "dry lightning," wildfires, and earthquakes is unusual at best. And, when compared to the prediction of Revelation 8:5, the sequence matches precisely. That cannot be mere coincidence.

Arrow shows location of Bohemian Grove
(from centerline of recent earthquakes in wildfire zone)

a closer look

As with the previous column, let's take a closer look at the map. The above map shows a line connecting the first earthquake in the area within the last seven days, according to the official USGS seismographic map, and a cluster of earthquakes that began within the last seven days and continues to this day. The quakes are called "micro-earthquakes," averaging from Richter 1.8 to Richter 2.1 in intensity. Although they are not damaging by themselves, a cluster of such quakes could be a predictor of larger earthquake activity in the near future. The arrow runs from the center of that line (the vicinity of the predicted "hot spot" shown in this writer's last column) and points to the Bohemian Grove. That arrow runs through the area of the greatest number of wildfires caused by the "unprecedented" dry-lightning storm on the 20th of June a date which another recent column showed has significance for several reasons.

from another angle

Bohemian Grove is on direct line from quakes to Nuc-Plant site
(Bodega Bay plant was abandoned when fault zone was discovered.)

As this writer's previous column showed, plans to build a nuclear power plant at Bodega Bay were abandoned after digging revealed a geologic fault zone. The graphic above shows a line from the current earthquake zone to the fault zone at Bodega Bay. The site of the infamous Bohemian Grove where leaders of business and government perform pagan rituals before a 40-foot owl idol is shown by the "X" directly on that line.

World elites perform the "Cremation of Care" ritual at the Bohemian Grove.
In the Bible, the demon Lillith is often translated as an "owl."
(Photo source:

The first earthquake in the wildfire zone started at approximately the same time that the previous column linking the Bohemian Grove, the recent California decision to allow homosexual "marriage," the lightning storm, the wildfires, and the coming earthquake all to the prediction in Revelation 8:5 was posted on the Internet. At about that same time, private jets began arriving at the airport nearest to the Bohemian Grove. The following evening, the annual Bohemian Grove gathering got its "official" start with the "Cremation of Care" ritual shown above. There, world elites burn an effigy of "Dull Care," and thus begin their three weeks of midsummer drunken fellowship.

While such activities might be shielded by private security guards from the eyes of common citizens, those activities cannot be hidden from God. It is well-documented that high-level policy decisions often result from the Lakeside Talks given at the Bohemian Grove. Other, private, encampments sometimes take place during other parts of the year. One now-famous encampment involved several of the planners of the Manhattan Project. (To see the link between that project and Bible prophecy, read this writer's upcoming column, "The Seven Seals.")

The links between Bible prophecy, current events, natural disasters, and political trends are becoming almost impossible to ignore. Still, some scoffers will try. (The Holy Bible predicted that, too.) For those that choose to have "eyes to see, and ears to hear," the sounds of the hoofbeats of the white horses that will carry Jesus and His army are coming closer. The next sign will be when these small foreshocks turn into a "real" earthquake. This writer believes that will happen during the Bohemian Grove gathering, perhaps at a time when a number of specific world leaders are there.

God is punishing California for its leading role in promoting the abomination of homosexuality. (Could it be that God will terminate "The Governator"?) The area most responsible has been baked, and the shaking is now beginning. But, once having been shaken, will they be stirred ... to repentance? Only God knows, and only time will tell. But, it is becoming obvious that a drama of "truly Biblical proportions" is playing out before our very eyes.

Tom Kovach (rhymes with "watch") lives near Nashville, is a former USAF Blue Beret, and has written for several online publications. In 2006, he published his first book. Tom is an inventor, a horse wrangler, a certified paralegal, and former network talk-show host. He has also run for Congress. To learn more, click: www.TomKovach.US.

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