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Hot rocks could roll!

USGS maps show California wildfires could trigger an earthquake

Thu, 10 Jul 2008

The ground beneath the Northern California wildfires that were sparked by an "unprecedented" storm of "dry lightning" last month is now more than three thousand times more likely to experience an earthquake than it was immediately before the fires, according to the official USGS Earthquake Hazards Program predictor map for that area.

Curiosity about the relationship between the recent wildfires and an earthquake began after this writer published a recent column about Bible prophecy. That column showed that the wildfires matched -- in both timing sequence and method of ignition -- the prediction in Revelation 8:5 that, after the famous Seven Seals had been opened, an angel would throw fire from Heaven to Earth. This writer asserts that the first seal was opened in 1898, and the seventh seal was opened in 1993.

The above-linked column was intended to let people know about an upcoming book that goes even deeper into End Times prophecy. But, while this writer was working on some "deep end of the pool" material, the book was hacked. Ninety pages of heavily-footnoted research and commentary -- including maps and other graphics -- instantly turned into gobbledygook on my computer. The book included presentations on how current events and key political figures match up with Bible predictions. It also included information -- from historical texts, and from recent oceanographic research -- about how finely accurate the Bible has proven itself over the centuries. The information disproves much of what is taught in public schools -- especially regarding Creation, human nature, government, and even Christopher Columbus.

Look beneath the surface

Curiosity was also sparked by this writer's mid-1970s experience on a forest-fire crew. At that time, this writer was stationed at an Air Force base in a very rural part of Upper Michigan. There were some wildfires, two of which were so severe that the state made an urgent call for more manpower. Many military people signed up on our off-duty time. When the minimum wage was below three dollars per hour, the State of Michigan paid us eight dollars per hour to fight the fires. During the brief training before going into the fire, officials warned us about the possibility of backfires caused by heat traveling along underground rock formations.

The training was valuable. This writer was temporarily trapped in a hair-raising experience in a small hollow (slightly smaller than a pro-football stadium). On the surface, the area was peaceful and pristine. Although fires had burned through the night on the ridgline surrounding the hollow, the rising heat had moved away from the beautiful variety of hardwoods and brush in the hollow. And, then... without warning, large trees (40-70 feet high) began snapping off at the base, and falling in all directions around me. The noise, intensity, and randomness were similar to an artillery attack. Had it not been for the fact that I was already following a hoseline back to the main crew (after being sent to make sure that the end of the hose was still in the creek, because water had stopped flowing), I might not have known which way to get out of the hollow. The roots of the trees had been burned up by the heat of the underground rock formations.

Given the above experience, this writer had surmised that it could be possible for the wildfires -- especially more than 1,000 fires simultaneously -- to generate enough heat upon the rock formations to cause underground shifting. And, given that the wildfires are concentrated along the famous San Andreas Fault, such underground shifting could lead to an earthquake. At least, that seemed logical to this layman.

But, what do the experts say?

The wildfires were started by an intense lightning storm on Friday, 20 June 2008. That day was also an unusual Summer Solstice -- which usually comes on the 21st, but which came on the 20th because of the Leap Year. That date is also seven years from the Summer Solstice of 2015, which is slated amidst a "tetrad" of solar and lunar eclipses -- only the fourth such event in the past five hundred years. (Jesus predicted that, immediately after The Tribulation, "the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light".) The other three tetrads came in 1492, 1948, and 1967 -- all three years of significance in Jewish and Christian history. So, could the wildfires be related to Bible prophecy? And, could an earthquake soon follow the fires, as predicted in Revelation 8:5 when the angel threw down fire from the altar of God?

USGS earthquake predictor map, 20 Jun 2008
CA wildfire area is "cool" for quakes, before fires
(This map, and the other similar maps, sourced from USGS map archives.)

The above map shows the US Geological Survey earthquake predictions for California on the day that lightning ignited the wildfires. The area where the fires are most heavily concentrated is north of San Francisco and west of the state captal of Sacramento. San Francisco is the "capital" of homosexual "culture" in the United States. Sacramento is where the California Supreme Court overturned the state's ban on homosexual "marriage". The first such ceremony was performed on the steps of the state capitol soon thereafter. The lightning storm followed soon thereafter that. On the day of the lightning storm, there was about a one-in-fifty-thousand chance of an earthquake in that area.

USGS earthquake predictor map, 03 Jul 2008
13 days later, quake chances are up in this specific area

The above map shows that earthquake chances have risen significantly in the area where the heaviest wildfires are concentrated. Note also that the zone most likely to experience an earthquake is in between two large bodies of cold water: Clear Lake and San Francisco Bay. Is heat radiating, via underground rock formations, toward a source of cooling? This writer has seen shale rocks explode when near a campfire. (Nope, I didn't put those rocks there. Our instructor had already taught us not to do that. A lot of people fail Ranger training due to inattention.) One such rock exploded with such intensity that it blew the fire out. If a small rock on the surface -- where heat is already dissippated through the air before even touching the rock -- can react that violently, then how would large rock formations react underground?

USGS earthquake predictor map, 10 Jul 2008
Quake chances increase dramatically as heat builds up

As the above map shows, as of the date of this writing, the earthquake chances have risen dramatically in the 20 days since the lightning storm. The color changes can be easily seen in this statewide view. But, is this a mere fluke?

USGS earthquake predictor map, 10 Jul 2008
Zooming in shows earthquake one-in-15 "hot" spot

The yellow color on the above map shows that earthquake chances are at or near one-in-15 in the area approximately 15 miles south of Clear Lake. This is a dramatic 3,333 times the chances immediately before the wildfires in that same area. Also notable, the lighter-colored zone seems to be expanding from the area of the fires toward San Francisco Bay. Readers should periodically check the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program site for themselves, to track whether this trend continues. This is especially true for readers in Northern California.

Location of infamous Bohemian Grove in relation to fire/quake zone
Will an earthquake topple the idol at site of elite's pagan rituals?

The Bohemian Grove is a place where many of the wealthiest societal leaders -- from business, government, and the news media -- gather each mid-summer for drunken fellowship and pagan rituals. They worship before a 40-foot idol of an owl. (One such ceremony was caught on video by Alex Jones.) This writer's above-linked column goes into detail about idol worship and how it angers God. This paragraph is a brief overview to show readers that there is a connection between the idol worship at the Bohemian Grove, the endorsement of homosexual "marriage", the lightning-ignited wildfires, and the increased threat of earthquake in California.

Bohemian Grove is located between major and "minor" fault lines
(Source: USGS fact pages, "The San Andreas Fault", by Sandra S. Schulz and Robert E. Wallace)

The Bohemian Grove is located between the major San Andreas Fault line and a "minor" line in that fault system. (The minor line starts near Henry W. Coe State Park, southeast of San Jose, and then runs northwest, through San Pablo Bay, and then along US Highway 101 through Santa Rosa and Geyserville.) The famous San Andreas Fault is essentially an extension of the undersea Mendocino Trench, which meets the California shoreline at the city of Mendocino. The Bohemian Grove is north-northeast of Bodega Bay ("bodega" is Spanish for "wine cellar"). Decades ago, a nuclear power plant had been planned for Bodega Head, the rock jetty that protects the north end of Bodega Bay from the Pacific Ocean. When the developers discovered that the foundation hole for the power plant bored into a geologic fault, they immediately halted construction. The abandoned site was nicknamed the "Hole in the Head". Developers sold it for one dollar to the State of California, which filled it with water and called it a "natural habitat" for birds. (Ironically, the Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds was filmed at Bodega Bay.) During the 1960s, environmentalists predicted that California would break up, and that part of the state would drift into the ocean. That didn't happen. But, those environmentalists apparently did not measure their predictions against the Biblical timeline.

The annual pilgrimage of the rich and powerful to the Bohemian Grove will begin soon. The ceremonies occur there in mid-July. Currently, President George W. Bush is returning from the annual G-8 Summit. Will he attend the Bohemian Grove ceremonies, as he and his father have done before (scroll halfway down for photo of the two together)? If so, will the gathering of leaders be an opportunity for God to show them who is really the Master of the Universe by using an earthquake to topple their idol?

Just as some scientists think that God put a series of "natural" events (such as an earthquake in the Mediterranean Sea) into motion days or weeks in advance to bring about the parting of the Red Sea for the Israelites, is it possible that God used last month's lightning storm as the first domino to trigger wildfires that would cause an earthquake that would topple an idol? The timing and specifics of Revelation 8:5 seem to indicate that it is entirely possible. And, if so, then it won't be long before some hot rocks underground begin to roll and rumble along the San Andreas Fault.

Tom Kovach (rhymes with "watch") lives near Nashville, is a former USAF Blue Beret, and has written for several online publications. In 2006, he published his first book. Tom is an inventor, a horse wrangler, a certified paralegal, and former network talk-show host. He has also run for Congress. To learn more, click: www.TomKovach.US.

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