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The Book was HACKED

Why? Read and decide for yourself

Tue, 01 July 2008

Beginning in February of this year, until yesterday, I have been working on a book about Bible prophecy and the signs of the End Times. Recently, I foolishly released a preview of my work in a column. Late yesterday evening, 90 pages of book turned into gobbledygook on my computer. Mere coincidence?

The conclusions that my research had produced were startling sometimes even to me. According to my observations and calculations, The Tribulation has already begun. (Actually, just as an earthquake has a precursor event several miles beneath the Earth's surface, days or weeks before the actual quake, we are in the precursor event of The Tribulation. The actual start of The Tribulation should be in a few days, when the "dog star" Sirius appears in the night sky. The difference between the precursor and the actual start is 13 days. The two dates equate to the difference between the Hebrew and Egyptian dates used to mark the start of summer. Jesus used the parable of the fig tree to teach that we will know "when summer is near".)

The precursor event started on Friday, 20 June 2008, when the California wildfires were ignited by an unprecedented storm of "dry lightning". That corresponds to Revelation 8:5, when an angel threw down fire from the altar of God. On that same day, Israel held a military readiness exercise to prepare for a pre-emptive strike against Iran's nuclear facilities. (Iran responded by digging 320,000 graves along its borders -- approximately the combined number of Israeli and American troops that could threaten Iran.) And, visiting French president Nicolas Sarkozy faced a gunfire incident originally feared to be an assassination attempt, but reportedly a suicide by one of the police officers on the security detail while leaving Israel. Also, on that same day, news reports began to surface of a societal survey that shows even a majority of declared Christians no longer believe that their religion is the only way to salvation. (Remember, Jesus warned that The Tribulation could not begin until there was a "great falling away".)

The book, Tribulation: 2008, included maps, photos, and was heavily footnoted with other supporting documentation. The online version (which was almost complete when my computer was apparently hacked) contained links to every major supporting Web page, so that readers could verify information and dig even deeper for themselves.

Here is just a sample of the information presented in Tribulation: 2008.